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Wachovia Bank / international service fee

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I was viewing my online statement today and came across a fee of $2.61 for something called "Intl Service Fee". I thought it stood for "Internal Service Fee" but when I called Wachovia Customer Service I was told it was an "International Service Fee". When I told the gal on the other end of the phone I hadn't been out of the country or bought anything overseas, she told me it's " a fee for doing a transaction out of your home state." I asked where does the international aspect of this fee come in? It turns out that a fee is attached to some transactions, in this case I had purchased a "cashiers check" for $6800 while on business out of my home state..
of course, I paid $6 or $7 for the cashier's check while at the bank.
As I travel for business across 15 states, this is totally unsatisfactory.
I asked her to rescind the lousy $2.61 but was told it can't be done so I am writing to Wachovia to express my heartfelt words of disgust at this "penny ante" way of doing business, not forgetting to mention that the $0.04 worth of interest I get on my savings each month will win me over, either..
I pulled most of my savings out a few years ago..looks like I need to complete the transaction.

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  • Mb
      10th of Oct, 2009
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    Just imagine how many companies there are in the world with branches in many countries. Imagine also that when you go to a website to buy something, it may be unclear or hidden that you are actually dealing with a company that has it's base in some foreign or "other than America" location. As a result, we may be paying much monies in International Service Fees to credit card companies like VISA. $1 or $2 may not seem like much, but multiply that by many purchases by many people in many US states. Make me want to resort back to making purchases locally and paying by check or cash.

  • Mb
      10th of Oct, 2009
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    I, too, had been charged an "intl svc fee" for something I bought within the US (possibly the parent company is outside the US - but who knew?). After a couple of email exchanges and finally demanding that this fee be removed from my account, Wachovia did remove the fee. After all, I could've and still may close down that Wachovia bank account and move my monies somewhere else...and maybe get a credit card thru Capitol One - they don't pass down that fee to their customers.

  • Bp
      12th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had an Account with Wachovia for 14 years, This is the first instance of receiving, that I have seen, of being charged an international service fee. I have not purchase anything out of country and will be damned if I
    am going to start getting charged for purchasing from outside my home state!

    We bailed these banks out in 2008, and now we are getting financially robbed due to theri negligence.

  • To
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    Is there anyone on planet earth who can and will give an understandable explanation of just what the heck these "internet international service fees" are all about? Ive got three accounts at Wachovia, Ive been victimized by the internet "Tooth whitening Scam", and I have filed three clains with Wachovia concerning
    outright frauds perpetrated against me by companies located in Colorado, Iowa, and Florida who all use "shell"
    companies outside the us thus invisible to law enforcement (or is that enfarcement?) and selling to themselves, In the last week I have resorted to using insults and sexist remarks ("Oh your just a woman, can I talk to
    someone with half a brain, yuno a man?) please ladies i think only good thoughts about you, in fact I helped my recently deceased mom fund and set up three scholarsips for undergrad females in biology botany a forrest
    services at UW. My digs are intended to uncover via the slip of a very angry tongue why Wachovia supports
    the ilk of Jesse David Willms as being "merchants". I think the answer to this whole unholy alliance will be
    found one day, hopefully soon andthat it will constitute one of if not the LARGEST CASES OF FRAUD EVER
    in the USA. QUESTION; are the biggest US banks actively covering up for enormus thefts, just as long as they
    get "their" three percent. This is ABSOLUTELY MIND BOGGLING AND SCARY.

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