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VVM Debt Collectors / shady characters

1 South Africa Review updated:

I keep getting threatening emails from vvm debt collectors. They are actually a firm of lawyers in south africa - and a shady bunch at that too. They keep sending out threats to take legal action. Debts in south africa become prescribed after 5 years. These are lawyers. They know the law. Yet, they continue to try and recover debts over 10 years old. Surely this is unprofessional and unethical conduct. The public in south africa are unaware of the doctrine of prescription. I have asked them on numerous occasions to give me details of the alleged amount, they fail to and or neglect to give it.
They can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

Apr 29, 2013
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  • An
      28th of Jun, 2013
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    Latest VVM Debt collection scam is an outstanding TV Lic fee but they can help you with a reduced fee payable over 6 months.
    How can one report these scammers and have them jailed?

  • Ad
      17th of Nov, 2015
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    I received an e-mail from VVM Debt Collectors that I must contact them regarding a Homechoice account. Upon calling them and giving a lady by the name of Nomvala the reference number in the e-mail, she says she does not have an account appearing under that reference. I asked her for her boss's e-mail address, she said that she does not have a boss and there is no boss's e-mail address, upon which I said I will get it from the internet. I do not trust these debt collectors, as the lady was also very rude.

    Adri van Coller

  • Ir
      30th of Jun, 2016
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    hi good day
    i also made two payments regarding my home choice account through internet banking and they keep on calling me they can't retrieve those payments my question to them is how can i keep o making payments if they don.t receive it...and that's one fact about them it seems they get all the rude uneducated people to work there...I Fritz

  • Ja
      11th of Aug, 2016
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    They really are rude, intimidating people. They have been calling me non stop for my husband's African Bank accounts. I keep telling them and he himself have told them that he is on debt review. Unfortunately, they keep calling and harassing us.

    I do not take to intimidation very well and don't threaten me either. The pitbull in me comes out and you better hope that I don't get them.

    We were willing to work with them and cooperate. We asked for their details so we can send the forms of the debt review to them. But alas, we received African Bank's details. Basically have told them to sod off and leave us alone and deal with their client directly.

  • Be
      10th of Apr, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I am also under debt review i got a call from a very rude lady she is telling me she is not getting payments for my homechoice account but they get paid every month i dont have time for rude people i can also get rude

  • Di
      7th of Jun, 2017
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    I am constantly being harassed by them as well. Seeing this, I now regret furnishing them with more of my information. Logged a formal complaint with the Ombudsman's Office. Truly hope they bring them to justice.

  • Ed
      27th of Jun, 2017
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    I have received numerous sms's from VVM regarding an outstanding debt with Vodacom. This debt was reported after I did not renew my contract with Vodacom in March 2015. On the last day of the contract I paid all of the amount reported to me as payable. The debt was later reported to me after I voluntarily sequestrated on 21 Jan 2016. I have now sent VVM the Court Order no less than 4 times, but yet they continue to call or sms again. I am really upset about this as it seems that they are good at phoning but not good at receiving mail and following through with the action. It seems that all they care about is pummeling people into paying the debt they believe is owed - irrespective if the debt is truly owing or not.

  • Bh
      6th of Nov, 2017
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    I receive numerous calls a day stating i need to pay an account which i dont owe on. The account was paid in 2013. I am tired of the treathing calls and sms stating i am been handed over to the credit bureau. Do these people actually know what they ae doing. No communication between them. You are never able to get through to them or they put the phone. Poor service from AN ATTORNEY OFFICE... there is no customer service or training given to the staff never mind the team leaders.

  • Le
      15th of Dec, 2017
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    Vanessa of VVM Debt Collectors - your e-mail address of appears to be invalid

    The web is full of complaints regarding SABC TV License not operating correctly – and VVM Debt Collectors

    Given an e-mail to send proof to – this e-mail address is not recognised.

    Our telephonic conversation of earlier refers:

    1. I object to the defamatory comment made by both you & the SABC that I have not paid my TV License for 2016 – proof of payment is attached.
    2. As mentioned, you & the SABC can take me to court for my supposed non-payment of 2016 TV License.
    3. I do not have a signed contract and agreement with the SABC & my ID number is not a valid contract.
    4. Why, if I did not pay my TV license for 2016 – do I now when in September 2017 with the renewal of TV Licence is there a notification that I have not paid 2016 TV Licence.
    5. I will not pay any other fees, other than as I have admitted the TV Licence Fee for 2017 in the amount of R265.00, because of this error by the SABC I have as yet not paid the TV Licence.
    6. I am not responsible for incompetent SABC personnel who cannot balance, allocate payment received against correct accounts, I query how they balance their books.
    7. I have never not paid my TV Licence and do not expect of me to pay for incompetence and double payment for fees that have already been paid.
    8. Do not threaten me as you phoned me, so if you want my input then listen to what I have to say instead of keep interrupting my conversation and talk to me and use terminology that I am wrong and insist that I did not make payment.
    9. Where is my notification from the SABC of fees due – I would like to see proof of this being sent to me.
    10. I trust that this conversation was recorded – as mentioned you were making notes. Please send me a copy of the recorded conversation.

  • Su
      29th of Nov, 2018
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    VVM Debt Collectors ... What type of Business are they running?

    My issue with VVM has been going on since 19 Sept. Here is my story.
    1. On the 1 Dec 2017 I applied for a new contract but little did I know that would be the last time I would speak to anyone in Sales.
    2. Since my initial call to the Sales department I have been unable to get hold of anyone (4 x calls later where after 45min I eventually dropped the call), I have sent numerous online queries which I have never had any responses to.
    3. On the 8 Dec 2017 you guys debited my account for the contract which I haven't received any goods for. An hour after I reversed the payment with my bank a consultant called me to notify me that my new contract was approved.
    4. I told her that I am no longer interested in the contract and wish to cancel the order (which I have done online as well) and dropped the phone. On the 15 Dec 2017 my receptionist informed me that a driver just dropped off my parcel with my receptionist which happens to be from you guys. The driver just left without even requesting a copy of my ID.
    5. On the 15 Dec 2017 and on the 6 Jan 2018 I posted two HelloPeter complaints. Still no response from Telkom with regards to my cancellation.
    6. On the 19/02/18 @ 11:40am Tracking Nr: 19590266 the sealed parcel that contained the sealed phone and sealed simcad was collected by the CourierIT
    7. I have received numerous case ref nrs from Telkom: 22733560 on the 15 Mar, 24269912 30 Jul which has never been resolved nor attended to.
    8. Since the 8 Dec 2017 I have never had any calls from Telkom with regards to the numerous cancellation requests I have submitted.
    9. Yesterday I get a call from VVM Debt Collectors ref nr: 70679771 for the outstanding amount on a contract I have been trying to cancel since Dec 2017.

    Every since the 19 Sept I have received calls from VVM every hour of every day and no matter who I speak to and no matter how many emails I send to NO-ONE cares. I have requested numerous times for a Senior Person to call me with regards to this matter but every time I get told "Sorry they are in a meeting". And the attitude of the consultants that phone me is not the attitude of a professional person. They are not interested in hearing your story ALL they want is to be heard and to tell YOU how much money YOU owe.

    So finally on the 22 Nov I received an email from them stating that they are no longer dealing with my account that was handed over by Telkom as the account has subsequently been withdrawn from them and all future correspondance should be addressed directly to Telkom BUT GUESS WHAT ... not even a week later I am being harassed by their call centre agents again. WHAT is going on there? This communication I received from VVM is NOT even on their system which is ridiculous.

    So today again I AM ASKING A SENIOR PERSON/ SUPERVISOR TO CALL ME URGENTLY as this matter with VVM is becoming ridiculous.

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