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Complaints & Reviews

Paid them settlement they requested & they harassing me for the original.

Received a settlement letter on March 20th 2015 that Sprint will settle for $365.26. Paid them via my CHASE ACCOUNT ON APRIL 4th 2015 $365.58. Has been calling me every day several times a day up until 4/21/15. I want me to pick you up? Them to stop calling my phone.

Uneducated customer representative

I get a call from an agent name lindsey id # 783343 she call me with an attitude treating me like a criminal. I had made a call of commitment to pay but it's like there customer service do not comprehend english. This is a worst experience I ever had! I had an adt service that never work and end up on this collection agency. Is there any way somebody can help me I have recorded the conversation and I am willing to do legal action on this matter. I have been humiliated less than 200 balance. Unbelievable zero star!

  • Valerie Jun 12, 2008

    Allied Interstate keeps calling me about some debt and I do not even know them. They call once or twice a day and I do not know what they are talking about. *** me off because I use all my minutes listening to some random debt collection agency talk about how they want me to call them or some crap like that.

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  • Vf
    VforVendetta Jul 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Even if you owe on a debt DON'T make any payment agreements with a debt collector because you have no contract with them to pay this. Making a payment agreement with them over the phone would be considered a verbal agreement. Let them know that you are going to pay the company that you have a debt with and not them. Be firm in telling them this. Also make payments to the company they will accept them. You only have a contract with the company you owe and not a third party collection agency.

    they called and when I said hello about 30 times no said anything back. I can hear people shuffling in the back ground then someone hangs up the phone. When I called the number back saying that I just received a call from this number. They asked me for my number and I gave it to them then the guy hangs up. Allied has so many numbers here are a few. Don't let these people harrass you. You have to answer the calls if you don't then I shows that you are avoiding them. When you speak with a rep after they tell you the phone call will be recording/monitored then ask that person if they're ok with you recording the conversation. Most likely they'll say no or hang up but answer their calls. Also check to see whether or not you're in a 1 party or 2 party law for recording state. Some states need you to get permission from the other party to record the conversation. Just to be on the safe side if you're not sure ask them anyway. After I asked a rep that they haven't been calling to speak with me. Just calling and playing a recording. The funny thing about that is you can hear when they click on the recording and then turn it off and hang up.

    818-575-5400 x 5500

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  • Bo
    Bobado Feb 11, 2009

    My wife has been receiving phone calls on her cell phone from this comapny and when we call them back, we are put on hold for a long time and never get to talk to anyone. We do not owe anyone and should not be getting calls from a debt collections agency. I am going to find out how to report them to the FCC.

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  • To
    Touwinn Feb 13, 2009

    They call looking for my deceased wife, for starters it's been 5 years since she passed. I am very pissed. How do you get them to stop harassing?

    I just want some peace, these people don't have any compassion. I don't know what else to say but they call sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, mostly when I am gone. These guys really suck. If you have to deal with these crazy people let me know and I will pray for you.

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  • Pa
    PayYourBIlls Feb 14, 2009

    Mail them a copy of her death certificate and let them know whether or not there was an estate.

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  • Pa
    PayYourBIlls Feb 14, 2009

    Also they may not be able to tell you what it's about because in certain states the spouse is considered a 3rd party and it is illegal to give them the deals of the debt.

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  • Pm
    pmf1 Mar 04, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I admit I defaulted on some credit card debt.
    The approach by the collection agencies was horrible.
    I have consulted attorneys and have come up with a letter that puts them off.
    I was just contacted by the Northland Group.
    I sent them the letter via certified mail.
    Guess what ?
    Within 4 days I received a letter from Northland Group saying they were ceasing all collection efforts and I should contact the card issueing company for further information.
    The letter is a mix of asserting your rights, warning them about any negative credit reporting, requesting all communication be in writitng (no telephone calls!), and threatening them with severe legal action should they tranish my record or violate the law.
    It is one hum-dinger of a letter.
    I can't believe that it worked [email protected]!
    [email protected]

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  • St
    stardust Mar 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Send them a letter telling them that under the "Fair Debt Collection Act" they are to stop contacting you by phone, mail and any other means and that it includes them and any other company they may be associated with. They have to stop.Be sure and send a copy of your deceased wife's death certificate along with it. You can also find a copy of the "Fair Debt Collection Act" online and mail them a copy of it with your letter. Good Luck

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  • This company will not stop calling me, and today I finally called back and they kept me on hold for a solid hour until the system hung up on me. Not sure what they are calling for, but I have an idea. The debt they say I owe is inaccurate and I have no way of even talking to them to resolve the issue. However, seeing the high number of complaints against them, my guess is that they would be unable to help anyway.

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  • Ma
    Maison F Jan 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I receive a phone call daily at around 5pm and they leave a message stating to call back but nobody picks up the is annoying and I don't have any debt. I am not sure what to do can someone help with this annoying call.

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Found information to fight back

I found out not only is this company allied interstate, which is a collection agency -- it is also iQor, inc.which does have a website. The CEO is Vikas Kapoor. Judging from others contact information, his email address is vikas.[protected] I also found out that there is a legal department that can be contacted. That information is: Kurt Tullar, Esq. Vice President, Legal iQor, Inc. 335 Madison Ave. 27th Floor New York, N.Y. 10017

Ph: [protected]. They also have a Fl. address: Allied Interstate Collection Agency

3111 South Dixie Hwy, Suite 101

West Palm Beach, Fl 30345

After getting "toll free calls" from this company in the past 2 days, I let my fingers do the walking through the internet... and this is one nasty bunch of blood-sucking vipers who does not respect the collection law practices. And from what I have read, I hope there is a special layer of *** (the 9th level of Dante's) for these people.

  • Cl
    CLASS ACTION LAWYER! May 23, 2011


    If you have been called or texted for any of the following reasons, please call us at (626)683-8291:
    -Debt you do not owe
    -Being called in error
    -Being called because you were listed as a reference
    -Being called for a family members or friend’s debt

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  • Bu
    buckeyegirl1975 Jul 01, 2011

    For complaints, you should contact their Consumer Advocacy Group at 800-811-4214 or email [email protected] If you are in Canada, you can call 888-804-8198 or email [email protected] Hope this helps!

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I have been been "contacted" by Allied Interstate -new number-[protected] via my caller ID but no message was left. When I called the number I got a repeated recording identifying the number as being from Allied Interstate. As I have no outstanding debt I am angry that I am being contacted by an agency that has no business calling me. I had a problem with errors on my credit statement which took several months and threats of legal action to clear up.

Reading reports about Allied Interstate, I will again, check my credit report and will pursue Allied Interstate if they are engaged in illegal actions. This is the numbe that was used, in case one needs it again.

Resolved continuous calls

I have been receiving these phone calls for the last 2 weeks. A few of them a day. They are from toll free numbers. They call me early in the morning, noon time and late at night. When I answer my phone there is noone there and the line is still open. After a minute it hangs up on me. I have magic jack so it keeps a log of all my calls. One of the features I love about it. So I click on the number and call them back. I get only a recording. Well today the recording that I got gave me another number to call as well. this was a first as all the times before it only told me who they were and to refer to the letter that they sent me. Huh what letter? I have never received any letter from this company only daily phone calls. So I called this number that the recording said to only to find it was a different company. A company by the name of International Masters Publishers. It was their Customer Service line. I actually got to speak to a live person and it was almost as soon as the call went through. Ok was not expecting that one. So while talking to this guy he asked for my name first. Well they had no record of me having an account with them. Ok now why are they calling me. So I give him my phone number. Nope no record on file. So than he proceeds to tell me that maybe they were trying to sell me something. Um I am a residence not a business why would they think that I needed a collection agencies assistance? He could not answer that one.
Ok here is where it started to bother me. He asked me for my Social Security number. Are you insane I am not giving that out. Than he asked me for my address. HMM you have no record of my name or phone number on file, now you want my address. Not going to happen. He than said that they would look into why they are calling me. But he believes that they were having some technical difficulties with the dialing program. HMMM We will see if I get another call tonight or tomorrow.
BTW anyone that is interested in the numbers here they are:
The ones that they were calling me from are:

and the number for the other company that I actually talked to someone is:

  • Su
    Sunshinerinker Jan 25, 2011

    yet they continue to call me now it is 2-3 times a day.
    I have fought back though. I was online looking to find out how to record my phone calls. I have magic jack thru my computer. I came across this program or plug-in for the magic jack. It is called Magic features plug in. Not only does it have an option to record all incoming and outgoing calls. It has a list that you can add numbers to block. you can even block ALL 800 numbers. Hmm will it work? Well it has a 7 day free trial so I have nothing to loose. I downloaded it, set it up and waited. 9:05am my magic jack dialog box popped up. And just as fast went away. The phone never rang. I was sitting here to see it. What was that I had to check. Magic Jack keeps a log of all numbers that call and all numbers that are dialed. So I look and behold it was them. YES it works. I am dancing now. Hehehe. So now for the next test. Recording phone calls. So I call my dad as he will not mind. I tell him that it is being recorded. Well I decided to check the button that gives that annoying beeping sound. do not like that function as it beeps every few seconds and beeps over your conversation. So I tell him I will call him right back. I go in and take that beeping off. And call back. Perfect. well I than proceed to find my records. All I have to do is click on the button and there they are. I click on them to hear my calls. It works perfectly.

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Resolved unwanted phone calls

For 6 weeks now I have been receiving phone calls from this company. whenever I answer there's never anyone there. I have been receiving calls 7 days a week as early as 8 and late as 10 which I know is against the law. I finally called the number back and was told they were looking for someone else and would delete my number. Since my complaint I have received calls once an hour. After trying to call again I received no answer the first time, a foreign language speaker the 2nd time and finally someone to speak to the 3rd time. They are saying my number has been deleted and can't seem to explain why I am still receiving the calls. I am so frustrated at receiving all these interruptions and don't know where to turn to get some help with this constant problem.

Don't do business with them

Allied Interstate kept calling my house the final time was this morning at 8:30 am. They were looking for my father who passed away in April but they would not say what or why they were calling. They wouldn't even give my husband, who answered the phone, a name of the company but asked a lot of questions. I called back and demanded to know why they were calling looking for my father and who they were. They did give me the name of the company, allied interstate, but wouldn't even tell me what type of services they provided, as I didn't know, or why they were calling. When I threatened legal action they asked if I wanted to go through to their legal department so I did. They passed me off to their client Capitol One who had no record of my personal information at all. So some how Allied Interstate found my information while looking for my father. I did not live with my father and I did not co-sign anything for him, as he did not need me too. The account went into collection because he passed away and we probably didn't know about the account.

I am upset with Allied Interstate about how they handled the situation and the tactics they used but I am also never going to get, or recommend Capitol One as a credit card company. If they choose to work with companies like this then I don't want to do business with them.

Tries to Collect Debts that have been PAID!

Allied Interstate is attempting to collect a debt from me that I paid MONTHS AGO and have check images to prove it! They are RUDE RUDE RUDE and should not be in business (if that is what you call it).

They will call you relentlessly several times a day and are very unprofessional!

How does a PAID debt get turned over to collections anyway? This originated through a 15 year relationship with AOL. I would not recommend doing business with AOL if this is the type of people they associate themselves with! Disgusting!

How do you report such bad business practices? Attorney general?

Resolved debt settlement payment

I received a three letters from Allied Interstate offering a debt settlement for the three accounts from verizon.I accepted the offer, made payment they requested to settle those accounts, they assured me it would also be reported to the credit reporting agency& be removed from my report.Dustin was the company rep.
Now, Verizon is contacting for the difference in the account.When i called Allied Interstate they hung up on me.Carolyn Callow was the lady who hung up the telephone.

  • Cr
    crek Jun 30, 2010

    I had the same experience with an AT & T bill. The collection agency said if I paid half it would settle the account. As soon as I did I got a bill from AT & T for the remaining balance. Never believe a settlement offer from a debt collection company.

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Getting calls after Cease & Desist letter sent and they received Certified

I have sent two letters requesting a validation of debt. They responded with a letter stating that "they would not be contacting me about this debt" I have received three calls from Allied Interstate after the date they received my second letter via Certified/Return Receipt. The statute of limitations has run on this and have asked them to prove it has not. They have not responded to this.

I believe they violate the law every time they call and I would like to know what can be done at this point.

Resolved Harassing phone calls

They are calling for no reason at all. When answer the phone they won't answer me because they are talking to someone else there or on the other line with someone else. Please stop calling if you aren't talk to anyone it is very annoying. thank you. Its very annoying hearing the phone and its the same phone number all the time. It gets very old. if you are going to be businees don't you think that you should have people that wants work instead of talking to everybody that isn't on the phone. i'm not going to answer the phone stop calling me.

  • Valerie Jun 20, 2008

    I have received calls for an ex-girlfriend of my son's delinquent debt. I have no association what so ever it has been 4 years, 2 moves, 3 unlisted phone#'s, and 3, 368 mi. later I have been getting calls from Allied Interstate.

    This company will resort to very unethical means to recoup the debt even harassing people who might be or have been associated even by some obtuse way. If you’re a victim of Allied send certified letters to Mike Cleveland c/o Allied Interstate p.o. Box 26190 Minneapolis, Minn 55426 request for them to cease all contacts.

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Resolved Phone harrassment

I am dealing with constant phone harassment from "Allied Interstate" starting at 8:30 AM until 8:30 at night looking for someone who owes a debt. This situation has been going on for at least a month if not more. I am so tired of dealing with these morans. I was about to lose it.

Finally, I threatened to report the number to phone company as a harrasment call. I was told my number would be taken out of system in 48 hours and hung up on. We will see!!! I would love to see this company go down. It's complete harassment.

  • Jo
    Joanne007 Sep 19, 2009

    I was getting these calls so I did a little detective work and found their number. 1-800-943-2453. I called and gave them a piece of my mind. No more calls. A little persistence pays off.

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Resolved Scam charges

This company has called my cell phone 3 times in three days. They are looking for my husband, who happens to be in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps!! Every time I try to tell them this they hang up on me. They will not tell me anything even though I have power of attorney and take care of all of the bills. Even the supervisor was uncaring and wouldn't do anything. I believe this company is getting lists of people that have had a collection in the past and calling them up and saying it needs to be paid again!!! Some people don't keep records and wouldn't have a way to prove it. So they feel obligated to pay again and to a company that is just stealing the consumer's money!!! They need to be reported and prosecuted!!!

Resolved Need help!

I received a letter from Allied interstate today saying that I owed $1018.38 I called them and sepnt 15 minutes talking to a guy (going round and round in circles...) and he told me that the debt was a visa credit card from 2001 and he would be able to settle the debt today for $712.00.

I know NOTHING about this debt and have NEVER received anything in the whole 8 years that have passed... He said that if I don't get back to him in 3 days then he will begin to call. There has been nothing on my credit reports about this either!

What do I do??


Resolved harassing phone calls | wrong number

A few months ago we started receiving calls constantly on our business fax line that we've had for two and a half years. We have flawless credit, and always have.

WHY isn't more being done with harassment from debt collectors when it's mistaken identity?

Every single help form out there has no options for these cases.

We went through this several years ago on a home we owned previously. The phone co told us the number they set up hadn't been used in five years and was 'recycled' -- we thought being honest would correct the problem but it only made it worse, they don't believe you! It even happened a few years ago with my son's cell phone number too.

If this is what it's like when you are the innocent owner of a wrong number, I cannot imagine what people who are in difficult credit situations go thru. Even in those cases they have rights and it seems these companies violate them all day long every day.

Anyone out there been successful in putting a stop to them when they've got the wrong number, wrong party?

Resolved Unwarranted Phone Calls

I periodically receive phone calls from [protected] [Allied Interstate], which I understand via research is a collection agency of sorts. As I am virtually debt free, the company has no reason to contact me. I have blocked the number so it only shows as a missed call now. Typically, I never answer calls from numbers I do not recognize. However, I did one day and the automated system gave over to a person who asked for someone I have never even heard of, let alone knew. The caller was belligerent and frankly not of a rational mind.

You would think based on the number of complaints that abound on the internet about this company that some government agency would be all over the company. However, I suppose the government is too busy handing out taxpayer dollars to losers, liars and cheats. It is quick likely that the federal government has stroked a big check to Allied Interstate.

  • Gc
    gccradioscience Jun 05, 2010

    I just got a new phone number and it was unlisted. Still I receive phone calls from these scam artists. I think it's do not call registry giving out the phone numbers to these corrupt companies.

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  • Re
    redassed010 Aug 06, 2010

    Virtually debt free - so actually not debt free, so they must have reason to call.

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  • Gc
    gccradioscience Aug 23, 2010

    They are a junk collection agency asking for money, that we don't have. We have nothing to do with them. They are just calling to start problems and confusion with ordinary people.

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  • Ag
    AggrievedUScitizen Nov 11, 2010

    THIS EGREGIOUS ENTITY !MUST! BE STOPPED BY OUR GOVERNMENT!!! They called my home and I, too, totally uncharacteristically answered this "866" call -- to hear a male voice drawl: "Is this Xxxx Xxxxxx, with last four digits social security number xxxx?" When I said "no", he pressed further: "You sure you're not Xxxxx Xxxxxx, with social xxxx, who lives at *address*, *city*, *state*?" !!! Since this is the Xmas season, is this a ploy to improve the retailers' profits by giving out the very information they request for purchases???!!! This "Allied Criminals" group is promoting identity theft!!! I find it totally asnine that the "powers" !!!WE EMPLOY!!! allow it to continue operation. ALL OF OUR GOVT BRANCHES MUST REALIZE THE HAVOC EVEN THE LEAST OPPROBRIOUS INDIVIDUAL CAN DO WITH SUCH PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! This is totally unconscionable!!!

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  • Sp
    spcm1356 Jul 05, 2011

    I have gottenthese same phone calls for a bill that was paid last year. They claimed that Verizon turned it over to them in June of 2011. I contacted Verizon and they stated that it was paid in November of 2010. Verizon instructed me that they could not do anything to fix the problem that they caused and I would have to work it out with Allied Interstate. I am very disgusted and want this over with. If this affects my credit report I plan to have an atturney fix it and them for me. I don't like this one bit but they give me no choice.

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  • De
    DEANJ Dec 23, 2011

    These animals must be stopped!! Please file a complaint with the BBB online before you post here. I just got a phone call from the degenerates and when I raised my voice in anger to their disposition. The punk started saying sexual things to anger me even further. These losers need to be shut down... PLEASE FILE AT BBB ONLINE.

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  • Ga
    Gary Mishoe Apr 24, 2013

    To whom it may concern
    You are disturbing my household with your early morning calls
    Can you please stop this unwarranted behavior

    Respectfully submitting
    908-area code

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Resolved Scam and cheating

I have been receiving phone calls from a number I do not know, I answered one of the calls and learned they were looking for my sister that does not live with me, I took a message for her and told them I would have her call them back. my sister and I had called them back on 3 way, she learned that it was a bill collector and told them that she had a bill conslatater, and that they would be in touch with them in regards to some bill she had in 2004. we hung up with them and 1 minute latter they called me demanding me to get my sister on the phone & started screaming at me telling me that they need me to give her the phone. I told them that she was not here and they got even more mad, and called me a liar, and threatened they are putting my number on some type of Federal report of some kind. I then told them that I was screening my calls and they hung up on me. I called back to talk to a manager and they refused to get one, I then asked how they got my number and they told me to call my lawyer and have him find out how.

I do not appreciate the threats and I will be calling the better business bureau on this company first thing in the morning.

  • Dr
    DR. COLLECTIONS Apr 01, 2009


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Resolved Harassing wrong number calls

This company has been calling me since my phone was installed, the calls aren't even for anyone my household... its acutally the wrong number they are calling. One more call to my home phone I will file a credit harassment lawsuit because they are harassing me and I am not even they person they are calling for. Every time I expect to get a call from work or a client I have to listen to their message and I'm not Jose!! No one I live with is Jose and I am sick of them calling my number... I am really sick of the wrong number calls!

  • To
    tommy Feb 19, 2009

    I have been receiving calls from them as well asking for some weird name. I keep telling them the have the wrong number but they continue to call anyway.

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  • St
    Stuehmet Feb 19, 2009

    Ask them to remove your # from there list. If they refuse contact FCC. (web site will work)


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  • Oh
    OH-WELL Oct 19, 2010


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  • Co
    ConsumerAdvocate007 Mar 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you have received unauthorized phone calls to your cellular/mobile phone from Allied Interstate regarding debts/bills you do NOT owe, please call The Mathews Law Group (formerly The Law Office of Charles T. Mathews) at 626-683-8291. We are currently fighting a consumer rights case against Allied Interstate and we can assist you as well. You can help put a stop to their illegal collection practice. Thank you.

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  • Ka
    KarL82 Jun 03, 2016

    Allied Interstate called my landline and asked for me by name but referenced an account that I have never had with a company that I have never done business with. Rep continued to act like I was the debtor even after I confirmed that I have never had an account with the company mentioned. Rep claimed to remove my number from 'the list' but I am still receiving calls from the company. This is illegal under Federal Law. Cease & Desist immediately or you will be civilly liable. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC immediately after I send this.

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Resolved Scam

Allied Interstae Inc keeps calling my wife and I about a loan someone else has. They say their number 1 quick time and they always call at bad times. I can't get their number to complain to them. And the worst part is that we (wife and I) don't even owe anyone money. Go Figure.

We are tired of all their ### calls. If I ever get their phone number, I WILL get my lawyer on their behind. Then, God help them, because I won't.

I would like to have the BBB get on them, but I called the BBB 1 time, the lady, annd I use that term loosely, was very rude to my wife and I. Now when I call the BBB they won't even answer.

  • El
    elizabeth8214 Jun 23, 2009

    Their number is 1-866-720-1469. Im getting calls also for my sister in law. They are a pain in the a%^.

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Resolved Unauthorized charges

My husband and I used to have an Am.EX. credit card.This account has been closed for the last six months.We started getting calls this month from Allied Interstate and they are saying we owe them money on this card. We gave them 48 hours to provide proof if we owe anything. They have not done so. We have tried calling them back with the Dallas phone number and the 1-800 number and no one will answer the phone calls. I noticed that somebody found a fax number for Allied Interstate and I am going to try it today. It makes me feel very uncomfortable to know some scam artist has both our home phone number and cell number and is trying to rip us off financially.