Vueling Airline / cancelled flight, no refund, no customer service


Our flight from Budapest to Rome with Vueling was cancelled without any form of notice. No email, no text, no phone call. Nothing. We filed for a refund request online and immediately received an email confirmation that they have received the request and will process the refund within 7 days. We patiently waited and 3 weeks later, still no refund in sight. We wrote them a reminder email to follow up on the matter but did not get any reply back from them. During this process, we tried to call Vueling customer service and none of the phone works.. NO one answers the phone. We tried to call headquarter numbers, German numbers, UK numbers.
We were made to wait on the phone line but no one picks up. We have tried calling 5 times in different occasions.
I wonder how this company is still allowed to operate. This is fraud. I paid for a service but there was NO service of any kind and there is NO refund. FRAUD. PLEASE stop this. Very unethical!

Jun 25, 2015

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