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I have been using home delivery from Vons-Safeway online home shopping for 2 years.
Most orders have some problems but the customer service representatives one has to deal with are absolutely HORRIBLE.
The customer service representatives leave customers on hold for 15 or more minutes just waiting for them to answer and then they are rude... if your order has arrived melted they argue that the trucks are refrigerated... even when the ice cream is melting through the box and the driver is covered in sweat. Furthermore, Vons representatives have reported to me that they are keeping detailed history notes on customers which I found out is what is prompting them to be so terribly rude to me. I have not given my consent to Vons - Safeway to compile information on me. This is a violation of my civil liberties and my right to privacy. I spent an hour and a half today attempting to get refunded for a completely melted and spoiled order... The first rep at Vons homeshopping, Kathy, hung up on me after reporting that her manager Andrea was out to lunch and that she would not assist me. The second rep, Curtis, after a 15 minute wait reported Andrea was simply too busy to get on the phone with me and reported that detailed history files were being compiled on customers and this somehow gave him license to be extremely abusive towards me. I called the other number on my order, the general customer service for Safeway and was handed over to tamara who identified herself as a supervisor, she left me on hold for several minutes and when I asked for a contact number for regional management I was placed on hold again and then another supervisor Coby Archer came on... he did not give me contact information for complaints to regional management either and placed me on hold again... telling me Andrea is on the phone somewhere else helping ME with MY order? Then a supervisor for homeshopping who identified herself as Missy popped on the line... Missy agreed to allow me to record the conversation in which she refused to give me the regional managers name, told me that there is a policy or guideline which states she can refuse to refund my order unless I (a disabled customer) haul the merchandise down to the store, leave the spoiled groceries downstairs in my apartments lobby or cancel my weekend trip to await a callback from a driver to pick them up at their leisure. I had a 1-3PM delivery window. I began calling customer service at 3PM and was hung up on and transferred and placed on hold until 4:30PM. I told Missy I would give Vons until end of day to pick up the groceries and was still told that she refused to refund my purchase. I contacted my credit card company and placed a chargeback on the purchase and the driver who made it back before 5PM was unable to get through to customer service to ensure my refund. He was nice enough to sign a receipt for the merchandise and said he had informed his manager earlier in the day that the refrigeration unit on the truck was not working.

The online home shopping department of Vons - Safeway are absolutely horrible rude people. They have no concern for the well being or satisfaction of their customers. They go out of their way to cite non-existant policies and argue with customers who they know have disabilities and require their services to be timely and correct. Vons - Safeway home shopping are compiling notes on their customers that are not only an invasion of privacy and a violation of civil liberties rights but are making their representatives go out of their way to be abusive to longstanding customers. These representatives cite policies and guidelines that do not exist to further their abuse and lies.


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