Vonage / vonage refuses to port my number to my new phone service

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TWELVE days so far, 8/1 - 12th, spent trying to get Vonage to transfer my phone number. EVERY day on the phone for HOURS!!! My new service provider even did a conference call with them and me on the line. My new service provider called them many times having to WAIT the 20 - 30 minutes for someone to help them. Each time they say it will port over in "1 to 4 hours" ("or 2-3 days" yes, that's how they say it.) STILL NO PHONE SERVICE!
I was with Vonage for 17 yrs, $41 a month for a land line!
8/1 Vonage canceled my service per my request. The only thing happened is when people call my number they get a message saying it's been disconnected. Vonage REFUSES to put any other outgoing message or include my other number - so business lost. I've filed a complaint with the BBB and the FCC. They don't really care. They have 30 days to answer - NEVER work with Vonage!!!

  • Updated by Alex Anders, Aug 12, 2017

    Sorry, it was on the SEVENTH day (8/7) that I canceled my service thinking it would help. They have had SEVEN days to port my number over while my service with them was active, and SIX days since it's been canceled. It's ILLEGAL to hold a phone number, but they don't really give a rip.

  • Dear Alex Anders, ,

    In response to your recent comments on the Complaints Board website, I would like to speak with you regarding your experience with Vonage.

    We sincerely apologize about your issue with your service. It is my intention to get a personal account of your issue so that we may take the appropriate action to resolve it. Let me know if you are willing to allow me or a member of my Executive Response Team the opportunity to work with you. Please reply with your preferred method of contact - email address or phone number, as well as your account number, and we will reach out to you shortly.

    Thank you,
    Rachel F.
    Executive Response Team

Aug 12, 2017
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  • Ch
      Oct 10, 2017

    I seem to be running into the same exact issue. I going to file with the state attorneys office if this is not resolved by tomorrow. If need be I will attempt to sue the company just based on the principle of it.

    Clark Honzik

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  • Pa
      Nov 15, 2017

    I also have been calling for 3 weeks to port my phone numbers! I am beyond frustration! Does anyone have an answer? No one at Vonage will help. I have spent hours on this issue.

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  • Ch
      Nov 16, 2017

    @Pam N You have to stay on top of them. I eventually got them to let go of my number but I had to demand to speak with a supervisor and had to be extremely stern with them. Good Luck!

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