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Vonage / Misrepresentation

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I signed up with Vonage when looking for a new phone carrier. I tried doing it online but the website wouldn't allow me to complete the transaction because I did not want to submit a credit card or debit card. I then called Vonage to complete my order. The gentleman who answered the call had a very thick accent (he sounded like he was from India). I explained what I had already done and the customer service rep told me that they just needed a credit card or debit card to complete the transaction. I explained to the customer service rep that I never supplied that information due to a different company charging both the credit card and debit card simultaneously for the same bill and that I wanted to pay by cash or money order. The customer service rep seemed to have a hard time wrapping his brain around that one and after I had explained multiple times that I did not want my credit card or debit card charged for my bill the customer service rep finally said they needed the credit card or debit card to "secure" the line and that I could mail in payments and Vonage wouldn't charge my card. I was not happy but with the offer that I received, I figured that I could just supply the card and pay with a money order. I kept asking the customer service rep to confirm the fact that my card would not be charged and at one point was ending the call because I didn't want my card charged. He assured me REPEATEDLY that I could pay by money order. The order was finalized and supposedly the equipment was sent to me. The next day I got a call from my credit card company saying that my card had been charged repeatedly from Vonage and did I authorize the charges. I called Vonage again and this time spoke with a woman who clearly spoke English. I explained what had transpired the previous day, what the agreement was and why was my card repeatedly being charged? She told me under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I EVER be able to pay by money order or check, that Vonage only had paperless payment and that only debit or credit cards were accepted as payment. I was livid. I told her the extent of my conversation the previous day with the other customer service rep and how he had assured me REPEATEDLY that I could pay with a money order. She told me she could see on my screen that I was on the phone with the other customer service rep for an unusually long period of time and wondered why as there were no notes detailing the conversation, which was unusual. I told her how disgusted I was, the fact that I had tried to end the order before it had been submitted due to the fact that I didn't want my card charged for my monthly bill. I stated clearly that the company and it's employees out-and-out lied to me. There was no other excuse for what the other customer service rep had done. She apologized repeatedly and said that doing business like that wasn't company policy and that the customer service reps get bonuses for signing up new customers. I told her I wanted to cancel my order. As apologetic as she was, there was an $89 cancellation fee. By then I was so disgusted I told her to just do it. She did refund the installation fee of $39 but the cancellation fee was still applicable. Never do business with this company, they are liars and obviously the way they make their money is by lying to prospective customers and hoping the customer doesn't figure it out before the equipment gets there because then there is an even larger disconnect fee. These people are scam artist and liars and that's all there is to it.

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  • Ka
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    Vonage contacted me to sell me their services. I was very interested in VoIP and listened to the sales pitch. At first they wanted $39.99 for the equipment, 19.99 for activation and another 19.99 to ship the equipment. I advised them I didn't have that kind of money but I was still interested and would contact them when I had the money. Miraculously the price went all the way down to 9.95 to ship and everything else was free! I should of listened to my brain at that time...Too good to be true. Anyway, I advised the salesperson that at that time I didn't even have the 9.99 for shipping but would have it in a couple of weeks and to call me back. She agreed. About 30 minutes later, Vonage calls back. She advised she had a supervisor on the phone who might be able to help me. The supervisor advised me that they could "post date" the charges until the date that I had specified that there would be money in my account. I questioned him over and over about that because at the time, my rent check was still outstanding and I didn't want even the remote possibility of it bouncing because of Vonage. He reassured me over and over again that the money would not be taken from my account until I had called and advised them to process the order. WRONG!! Those jerks took it out that day!!! They caused my rent check to bounce!!! When I called them, they apologized and said that the supervisor had no authority to promise that. When I asked them cancel my account...NO!!! It was a weekend and apparently you can only cancel Mon-Fri 8-8 EASTERN TIME! I live in the Pacific Time zone. I don't get home from work until after 9 EASTERN TIME. I don't live my life on eastern time! Anyway, I called back 3 times because I still wasn't convinced that Vonage would work on my Internet setup. I explained over and over again that I had no modem, I connected wirelessly through my neighbors high speed connection. They assured me that it would work over and over again. I wasn't convinced, but I thought I would try. Of course when the equipment came, I could plainly see that it wasn't going to work. I called tech support who confirmed my assessment. They said it would never work with the current way that I connected to the internet. I advised him that I had called 3 times (not including the initial 2 phone calls they made to me) explaining exactly how I connected to the internet and being assured each time that Vonage would work.

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