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Vonage / Terrible Service

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We've had Vontage for 3 months. 3 of the worst months ever! My husband stop using the phone it was so bad. Service is beyond terrible. Customer Service will NOT allow you to speak to a supervisor, manager, etc. If you don't like the answer, TOUGH! The phone line is full of static. I too spent many hours on the phone trying to resolve issues. It's not worth the tiny savings! I wish I had read this forum before I switched!

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  • Ch
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    Vonage - Terrible service!
    United States

    Apparently when you sign up for Vonage online you are "signing" for a year. Our family had to move as it happens we are only able to get DSL internet services where we live now. Guess what Vonage doesn't care! They had informed me that there would be a $40.00 charge for canceling 2 months before my year "contract" was over! Just be sure you want to keep this for a year before you do it. The service was ok but the customer service SUCKS!!! They will hang up on you, put the phone down, whatever they have to do to wear you down! JUST think twice!!

  • De
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    Save yourself a nightmare, don't go there!
    12/20/2007 Canton GA

    I called to get Vonage. They assured me that if I didn't like the service, I could cancel within 30 days and get A FULL REFUND. I asked about the disconnect charge and they said NO CHARGE if disconnected within 30 days.

    I got the phone and immediately the computer would not work with it connected. I talked to the installer who was going to disconnect the landline and his response was "sometimes that happens." So I canceled the installer, called Monday to cancel.

    That is when I found out what Vonage is really like. First they spent 20 minutes harassing me about giving me a free month etc even though I said over 20 times I DO NOT WANT YOUR SERVICE. Finally they agreed but said there was a disconnect fee, which they will refund WHEN they get the phone back! After yelling about this the woman said the only way to NOT be charged the fee was return the phone first and told me where to send it. I sent it ups, tracked it. They had it in their office on Dec 12. I called on the 14th and was told it wasn't there. After a long fight they connected me to Accounts management who said since I gave them the tracking number she would take care of it and I would have a refund in 48 to 72 hours.

    I called TODAY, 12/20, and was told nope, phone not there, cancellation not done, refund not ordered. I lost it. The woman said it was in their agreement and I said I called in to sign up, they TOLD ME ON THE PHONE THERE WOULD BE NO DISCONNECT FEE if I cancelled. Nothing about charged and refunded. Then she said I should NEVER have returned the phone without an authorization and disconnect fee paid!!!! So then she said it takes at least 10 days to log the phone back into inventory and I would either have to cancel and pay the fee OR I would have to wait, call back and see if phone is logged in yet.

    Save yourself the hassle, do not EVER use Vonage.

  • Cr
      19th of Jan, 2008
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    Suck service is BREACH of contract. SUE for a full refund in small claims court

    Vonage is the new MCI: they're good at selling but have ZERO interest in customer service, have ZERO ethics, and don't even have the best audio codecs. You're call quality will suffer with vonage. Most of their money is spent on advertising. Their "support" model is like AOL: paying abusive cretins that use vonage with free vonage service. ZERO accountability!!

    You're better off with or even VoicePulse has the BEST quality audio codecs with the lowest compression. $20/mo unlimited National. They also offer lower bandwidth codecs. I use them. They're a little slow implementing new features. It's been TWO years and no new features.. but they will never screw you like vonage does.

    For best results use a router that works with firmware!


    VoicePulse is the only service that offers five features to protect your privacy.

    * Telemarketer Block stops telemarketers even before your phone rings.
    * Anonymous Call Block stops all unidentified calls. (I LOVE this feature!)
    * Do Not Disturb stops all calls.
    * Filters let you configure who can ring your phone and who can't. (puts an end to abusive family calls)
    * CallerID Block stops others from seeing your phone number when you make calls. (if I don't get to see who it is they are NOT ALLOWED to ring MY phone)


    voicepulse can also email voicemail.

    Combine with for your mobile phone -- screw verizon wireless!

    If you're techically savvy consider getting OPEN SOURCE asterisk and setting up your own VoIP system that's SIP friendly.. with EVERY FEATURE imaginable..

    save even more money!!

    "Asterisk is the world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions...for free"

    "AsteriskNOW is an open source Software Appliance; a customized Linux distribution that includes Asterisk (the leading open source telephony engine and tool kit), the AsteriskGUI™, and all other software needed for an Asterisk system. AsteriskNOW is easy to install, and offers flexibility, functionality and features not available in advanced, high-cost proprietary business systems."

    The VoIP providers, especially vonage, will hate me for informing you about asterisk! ;)

    spread the word and screw vonage into non-existence

    web ads suck too. never see another one. get all three easylists:

  • Va
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    I ordered Vonage on Nov, 2007. When I got everything for the phone system and got it hocked up. It would not work. I could not get it to work. the power lite keeps flashing and the phone will not work and when I hooked up the VT2142, my internet service quite working. I was on the cell phone with tech support a week ago, and they could not get it to work. So I thought that a new DSL service would work. it did not. The same thing happened. Power lite flashing, the internet would not work, and no phone...

    Now they want a disconnect fee of $39.99 per voice line along with any applicable taxes.

  • He
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    My husband and I ordered vonage and was mis informed about the way you have to set up service for internet we never took the product out of the box when we wanted to return the product they said we had to pay another fee the total of 43.00 to return it then I called again they told me they would send me a return slip and not to worry about the fee well they e-mailed it to me but it was not what they said the ups said we needed a ups code when I called vonage back they act as if they did not know what i was talking about then i ask for a supervisor they said that no one was on the site as a supervisor.Then they hung up on me i called back and then it would not take my number they had blocked it from being able to talk to anyone now we are stuck with a device in a box that is new and can not do anything with it and they kept our money .So maybe someday someone will listin to what we are saying and they will be shut down the other day we got a call from vonage asking what we thought pf them i told them i feel they need shut down completely .

  • To
      25th of Oct, 2008
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    I had Vontage from the middle of 05 until the end of 06. I also had a telephone line required alarm service. I received the Vontage equipment and installed it. Not only was the service bad, it echoed and had static on the line, but my alarm system was not working. The alarm company could not monitor myhome because the Vontage system had blocked the signal to my alarm company. For 6 months I paid for both the alarm and the Vontage phone service. When I contacted the alarm company and Vontage to get the problem solved. Vontage refused to help the alarm company to reconfigure their system to accomodate the phone and security system. I ended up disconnecting Vontage and am better off not having the service

  • El
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    Called Vonage on 24 June to order device and sign up for service. Recieved device on 1 july sometime after 5 PM. Installed device on 2 July and called in to activate service. From day one had problems with voice and computer systems. Called repeatedly saying I had Problems. Techs repeatedly said that it was a cable company problem and not Vonage. Even with the Vonage device disconnected and my laptop connected directly to the cable modem they claimed it was the cable companies fault. Never could get good phone and computer hook up with the Vonage device in the system.

  • Ca
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    I too agree with everthing I've read about the complaints. This is (THE WORSE PHONE SERVICES) anyone could get. Once my year contract is up this services will be cut off. 1. When I was ordering the service the agent never told me that I frist had to have an active internet for the phone to work. So I had this service for over a month that did not actualy work. 2. When my sister got the internet connected we experance trouble on the line all the time. Then my sister moved, again "No Service" 3. I tried to cancel the service after having it for 6 months and was told it would cost me almost $300.00 to end the service early, plus I was put on hold 3 times and then transfered to more than 5 people. The company offered to give me one month of free service so that I could find a internet service. 4. After the offer I did get a internet company that it did'nt take having a phone line, but Vontage still charge my checking account for the month they offered to give me free; which caused my account to go into overdraft in the amount of more that $200.00.
    I guest I just should have paid the cost of having it shut off.

    Sign: CANT WAIT!

  • Ha
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    Vonage - Terrible service!
    United States

    Ridiculous that I have to pay a 5 month disconnect fee after having the service for 2 years!

    The World Vonage Calling Service Sucks, you can never get a connection

    The call quality is terrible and I only put up with it because the telcos charge over $80 a month

    Bottom line, telecomm in the U.S. is a monopoly and the customer gets screwed

    I am so glad I am no longer living in the U.S.
    Good riddance to bull crap companies screwing people

  • Cl
      29th of Aug, 2010
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    I spent an hour this afternoon about not getting messages on my anserwing machine. right now I have a message that I missed two calls. What the H-----is going on?

  • Cl
      29th of Aug, 2010
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    What the hell is going on? What do I have to do to get my phone to ring?

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