Vonage / They wont please their customer

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I have had Vonage for eleven months and up until about two months ago all was ok. Then, for no reason I have begun to have issues whereas people whom I call advise that that my voice is all choppy. I replaced my phones, cable box and router, but still the problem continues. I have called Vonage numerous times and they run tests and tell me to continue to try the service. I have advised them over and over that all my equipment has been changed which leaves me to believe the only way to fix this is for Vonage to replace my Vonage box. No matter how many times I call and no matter how many times I email them, they continue to blow me off. They continue to try to place the blame on Comcast or my phone or my modem. I have done the tests and the Vonage Device (BOX) is causing issues with up loaded data. It's that simple. A replacement box may very well fix the problem, so why won't they just please a customer. The box is still under the one year warn.

My one year contract is up next month. If they don't change out this Vonage Device, I intend to dump Vonage. If they can't serive a good customer, I say screw them. I've had it with this company who talks a lot, but doesn't deliver.

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