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Vonage / Cancellation fee

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I recently called Vonage to cancel my account and found out that I would be charged $39.99 to do so. I followed up this letter. It should sum everything up nicely...

This is to serve as a letter of formal dispute to Vonage Marketing LLC.

I have had Vonage phone service for approximately 1 year. I chose the service to use solely as a fax line and had access to 500 minutes a month. I have paid an estimated $360 in fees for this service. However, I have only used a combined total of 149 minutes during my entire 14 months with the company.

Needless to say it was in my best interest financially to cancel my account. I called on April 7, 2009 and spoke to a very pleasant customer service agent. He informed me that he would be able to cancel my account but wanted to make me aware that there would be a $39.99 fee to do so. We debated this fee for approximately 10 minutes, which only left me frustrated, in tears, and finally angry with the company. This gentleman was so familiar with the absurdness of this policy that he was able to calm me down, assure me that he knew there was no one that would waive this fee, and then provide information on how to file a formal dispute or pursue legal action. He had first hand knowledge from previous customers on how to contact the company and what the most efficient method was.

I was appalled that a company could be so unethical that its own employees knew the best ways for customers to file complaints. He pointed me to a clause in the terms and conditions that reads:

"8.7 Disconnection Fee (Does Not Apply to Business Plus Customers).
You will be charged a disconnection fee of $39.99 per voice line if your service is disconnected, subject to state and local laws.However, if your subscription date is on or after February 1, 2007 and is disconnected after 2 years following your subscription date, the disconnection fee is waived. If your subscription date is on or before January 31, 2007, the disconnection fee is waived if your service is disconnected 1 year following your subscription date."

I mentioned that this is worded in such a way that the average consumer would read it to mean that if the account is involuntarily disconnected, such as when a bill is not paid; this clause does not state anything about voluntary cancellation of the service. He agreed that it is very misleading.

I have paid your company over $350 in fees and used exactly 2% of the services that I was charged for. It is completely outrageous to charge me an additional $39.99. I am trying to make financially sound decisions in tough economic times and believe that everyone, including companies both small and large, should do the same. Honesty, fairness, and kindness should come before money in every situation. I teach at a public middle school in an inner city and stress to my students on a daily basis the idea of living a life that is worthy of respect. How will our kids ever learn that if we don't first set the example for them?

Do the right thing. Stop putting your customer service agents in a position where they have to present legal dispute options because of their company's selfish ways. Stop charging your customers unnecessary fees just to advance yourselves. We teachers, nurses, firefighters, and community service workers work for far less than the average business person (I would know, I left a life in real estate and sales for a low paying job as a teacher) and we want nothing more than to see people live in a way that honors others.

If large companies set the example, others will follow. Customers would flock to a company that sets themselves above the rest by treating their people with fairness and respect. Respect the time of your employees and your customers. Respect their money. Respect yourselves as a corporation. Do the right thing.

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  • Ro
      6th of May, 2009
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    Dear Carolyn, I hear your pain . I can assure you that you are speaking to deaf ears if you are calling customer service. Please allow me to advise you of who to contact at Vonage to resolve issues such as yours. The past CEO of Vonage was Jeffrey Citron, but the new CEO is Marc Lefar and he is determined to make Vonage a better company. You can contact him at 732-444-2398, please leave a message with his secretary to have him call you back. She may forward your request to an Executive Response Manager working for Marc Lefar. They are very professional and will work with you to resolve your problem. You can also FAX at 732-834-0189 .
    If you would like to reach the Executive Response Manager directly, you can reach him at 888-580-4020 x22799..I have I have been some help to you.

  • So
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    Last night, I agreed to pay "Termination" fee of $110 - after much arguing - and I thought I disconnected it. And this morning, I checked my credit card transaction on the web, and I did not see that "Termination" charge from Vonage. I thought it was a bit odd.

    By the way, last night, when I tried to disconnect it, two people told me seperately to stay on the service. I kept decling their "Offer". One even seemed to say that Vonage helped me get recent new job.

    Anyway I came home from work around 7:15PM EST today. And guess what type of email I got from Vonage. It said that "Dear *******, thank you for remaining a valued Vonage customer." and asked me to fill out "Customer Satisfaction" survey. And I called their phone and pressed this and that numbers to reach to r a "Account Management" place where they processed the "Disconnect" service. I got disconnected twice - without being able to talk to anyone.

    This lady from sales department was helping me with this "Disconnection" service. She assured me that I'm the next person in the queue, and I'll be able to disconnect tonight because my queue is in before 8PM. And guess what? Someone picked up finally and said that the department is closed. Just because these customer service folks from the Phillippines talk nicely, don't think that they are nice. And don't take their word for granted.

  • La
      10th of Jun, 2010
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    Same exact scenario here.. I am livid..
    I was told repeatedly over the last 6 mos by customer service that I had a one year commitment..
    They got me to stay on by holding this termination fee over my head.
    I opted to continue service even though I wasn't using it..
    I got to the end of the year and they say I'm getting the termination fee anyhow and point me to their website where there is a wordy terms of service outlining different date ranges and conditions for fees etc.

    This is a 'webpage' by the way.. none of this was provided in the confirmation emails and/or any hardcopy correspondence.. It's literally fine print hidden in a way that you won't see it unless you read through every link provided. It's exacerbated by the completely misleading information I was given by the customer service agents at every point until the very day i went to cancel. The cancellation conversation was extremely frustrating as well, waiting on long holds - disconnected halfway through - kept online 4ever with drawn out tactics.

    The whole experience with Vonage has been negative..
    I feel like I was scammed.. and it's a cheap shot.
    I don't feel after a year of service in which i also was using about 2% of this service that i deserve a disconnection fee.
    Vonage is obviously not concerned about customer relations and is very short sighted in terms of their goals.. I'm sure with companies like "Magic Jack" around Vonage realizes they will be outta business very soon and are going to stick it to everyone they can while they're on the way down..

    Vonage is disgraceful. I will advise everyone i know as such.

  • Me
      30th of Jun, 2010
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    I ordered Vonage service on 3/9/09. On 6/9/09 my promotional period was over and I've been paying full price since that time. 6/9/09 is my actual subscription date. I do not use the service and called to cancel on 6/29/10.

    Unfortunately, though I do not recall agreeing to a two year plan, Vonage's current website states:


    1) If your subscription date is on or before January 31, 2007 and your service is disconnected after 1 year following your subscription date, the disconnection fee is waived; or

    2) If your subscription date is on or between February 1, 2007 and before May 29, 2009, and your service is disconnected after 2 years following your subscription date, the disconnection fee is waived; or

    3) If your subscription date is on or after May 29, 2009, and your service is disconnected after 1 year following your subscription date, the disconnection fee is waived.


    I contend that my subscription date is 6/9/10 as that is when my actual subscription pricing started, therefore #3 applies to me. I am past one year and want to cancel without the $39.99 fee.

    I spoke to Reynauld, who was a nice customer service agent just doing her job. I asked to speak to a manager and was passed to Dee. Dee apparently, according to her, is not enabled to make any decisions and after asking her repeatedly for a phone number to contact (she insisted I could only have a fax number), she finally gave me a telephone number which is supposed to be a number at the Vonage HQ in New Jersey. I have not yet called that number.

    If there's a fee, they should be upfront about it. I know I was never informed as I refuse to enter into contracts longer than a year. I'd rather pay more than be held hostage.

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