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I brought my car for repairing on 25th of April to Dubai Volkswagen in Rashadiyya.. They checked it and my Volkswagen Tiguan 2012 which cost second hand 50.000 AED. They called me 3 days after I gave the car amd told me that it will cost around 40.000 AED. It was only oil leakage, but they tried to find many different complains regarding my car. The car was operating very well because I was driving while I went to Volkswagen service.. Anyway I told them to fix only oil leakage and don't touch anything else as I will bring my car somewhere different, good mechanic for volkswagen! Then I took my car 1th of May, I came to mechanic and they fixed my car completely with oil and filter change including cost me only 3000 AED.
When I brought my car mechanic shop, they lifted my car up and they found that the volkswagen service even did not fix under the engine which has plastic place. They put it in car trunk and no screws! They lost all the screws...
After they fix the oil leakage, bill presented to me 3200 AED and they made a discount 1900 AED! If they can have possibility for discount why they didn't give the bill they way it is.. 3200 first bill and they came to 1900!!! I felt it's just a typical cheap market where you can bargain!!
I am a volkswagen lover and since 10 years I am using volkswagen. In germany, in Turkey many different places I drive only Volkswagen and it is first time that I want to get rid of my Volkswagen and many of my friends exactly think the same.. In Dubai volkswagen is very bad!! Because you don't have a proper place to repair your car!!! I hope somebody will take serious my complain and do something for it...
Also please kindly find the pictures which I put as proof. The bill which presented as 3000 AED is done by different mechanic which in volkswagen 40.000 AED!!! It's unbelievable..
Thank you on advance,
Seval Uluyer


May 03, 2018
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  • Fa
      May 03, 2018

    Hope you all fine
    Dear sir/Madam AOA
    As my account/Mobile no is 03333928579 i book the ride to reach to my home but you have been credited -84 balance to me that was the mistake of your captain not mine when i book the ride from the pickup point which is Rose men saloon nazimabad i called captain he said please cancel the ride i was so far i can't come then i replied why i will cancel the ride please come and finally he come to my designated point to pick me and when we reached to hassan square captain's bike has occurred a problem and he cancel the ride then i said book another ride i want to reach my designated point but he said please book by yourself i have cancel the ride then captain insisted to book another point then i booked another ride when another captain reached to hassan square i saw him in carreem's map i was searching him at hassan square but i didn' t saw him at my pickup point then i call him but he didn't picking up my call i continuously called to captain almost 6 to 7 times but he didn't receiving the call you can also check out the record, was so depressed from both captains.

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