Volkswagen / jetta 1.4 dsg

Springs, Volkswagen Springs, South Africa

I have for many years been loyal customer of Volkswagen. I could only say good things. I have bought brand new Volkswagen and second hand...but now I feel I have lost all faith in Volkswagen. As a single Mom I have not been able to use my vehicle for the past year and thanks to my parents I was able to use there Golf again Volkswagen. I have tried everything and have over spent but still sitting with the same problem after spending a fortune. No one once to take responsibility and have had so many different opinions. I have even been told by a Volkswagen specialist that my model was called back, I have spent at least R60 000 and still the vehicle is the same. No one knows what's going on or how to fix it once and for all. I have had to still pay my vehicle instalment and Insurance for a year. Plus maintain my parents vehicle, which is depreciating day by day. I have received a list from Volkswagen of all that is wrong but cannot afford to spend anymore money!!!I hoping someone can assist me because I don't feel it's fair on the next person who buys this car. I bought it second hand and just find out the major repairs were done on the car from the first owner (the car was still new), I also have had a gearbox replaced, clutch, turbo etc etc When trying to contact the original dealership to find out what I can do, they could not even find the purchase number and could not even give me a price of what I can trade it in for...not even in a trade book. Still I don't have answers and am so done with being unhappy. My vehicle is a 2010, Jetta 1.4 DSG...what can I do because no one knows exactly what the problem is, they fix it but the same thing happens again, within days. I have invoices to prove all and witnesses. I am in sales and without a vehicle I cannot earn a living.

Dec 15, 2015

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