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Complaints & Reviews

vw does not back their work

I had a service recall on my 2004 VW Golf for the sunroof drain in May. They had to clean it out or it would get backed up due to a defect/flaw. Before I knew there was a recall my headliner got wet and I did not know why, and I live to far from the dealership to get by there. So I had to just air out my car, but my headliner was stained and the car smelled bad for a month. Then in May I had my car serviced and I was told after I had left and called back to talk to the dealership that yes there was a recall and they had done the repair. So I thought that they should replace my headliner because it was damaged due to their defect. In October I went to a different dealership and they took pictures and sent them to VW customer service to see if they would cover my headliner. After several weeks of dealing with them, and talking directly to VW they told me that due to age and milage they refuse to repair my headliner. I told that was unacceptible. They refused to change their minds and have out right refused. I want to know what the age and mileage on my vehicle has ANYTHING to do with the damage caused by their defect. I will most likely NEVER by another VW car again!!

poor customer service

I have a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta with a 4 year 50k mile warranty. August 2010, two weeks after the 4 year warranty expired, my check engine light came on. At this time I only had 34k miles well under the 50k. I ran the code and it specifically said that the cooling fans were malfunctioning. I called Jim Ellis Volkswagen in Marietta, GA and explained my problem. I was essentially told to bad and they could not help me because the time on my warranty expired even though I only have 34k miles. However, he did tell me that if I was over on the miles a little he could do a warranty repair. He admitted that they can make a concession for one and not the other? Really?

After doing research online, I discovered that this is a common problem with the 2006 Jetta as others were having the same problem without resolution with the company. I then notified Volkswagen of America and explained the problem and frustration because I should not be having this sort of problem at 34k miles and 2 weeks post warranty. I spoke with Courtney, and after answering a series of questions she told me to take it to the dealership and pay for a diagnostic and call her back. At that point they would make a determination as to whether they would help me out. I again explained to her that I already knew what the problem is because I had the code checked and it was very specific. In addition, my cooling fans were operating erratically that further supported the diagnosis. She then went on to say that my research on the internet was unreliable, but if there is a common problem, there could be a recall. After going back and forth with her, she finally said that Volkswagen of America would not help me and that I am on my own.

I told her that was poor customer service and that I will never purchase another Volkswagen again. In addition, that I will tell as many people as I can potentially costing Volkswagen of America tens of thousands of dollars by discouraging potential buyers. Salesmen will tell you anything to make the sale!

Please contact Volkswagen of America and share your thoughts with them.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your warranty expired. That's bad luck, not bad service.

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  • Jo
    Johnny five Jul 19, 2011

    You are a liar or have no idea what you are talking about. The on board diagnostics system on that vehicle or any vehicle does not have the ability to "specifically" tell you what is wrong with the car. Where the cooling fans bad? Was the computer controlling them bad? Was the relay to them bad? Did a rat chew on the wiring to them? This is why you pay highly trained technicians to diagnose the concern and repair it. Your car was out of warranty, good will was offered and you refused because you are a stubborn, cheap jerk.

    0 Votes
  • Je
    Jesse Verwey Mar 29, 2016

    Went in to simply get my fuse fixed, made it abundantly clear that I look after my own car and that was all I wanted done, I just didn't know how to do it.

    Volkswagen proceeded to keep my car for almost 3 hours making me late for several other appointments today, and charged me for a full blown inspection of the vehicle too. So I've now paid close to 100 dollars for a 5 dollar fuse. Fantastic!

    0 Votes

disgrace and embarrassment to own a vw car

My problem started on the [protected] when i jammed with my VW Polo1.6, 2007 model still under warranty at the odometer of 79506. The EPC sign was on & according to the VW booklet that means there is a mechanical fault within the engine. The car was towered to VW Wonderboom. On the [protected] the deemed fixed was collected by me from the dealer. On the 80909 the care jammed again & towered to Wonderboom, with the same EPC sign on. On the 100909 i collected the car deemed fixed. On the 120909 i jammed with the car towered this time to Lindsay Saker VW in Midrand, EPC sign on. On the 210909 i was called to pick up the car deemed fixed. On the 250909 i returned the car to Midrand same problem. On the 290909 i collected the car. On the 131009 the car jammed again same problem towered to VW Church, Pretoria. On the 191009 collected the car deemed fixed. On the 221009 i returned the car to VW Church same problem. I engaged VW SA national verbally and even wrote a written complain but nothing positive was done. Now i am car-less but i`m paying every month for these car. I will never encourage anyone to purchase any VW cars, you will inherit their dealership incompetence.

  • Nv
    Nviljoen Aug 08, 2014

    VW just a bad car. Never had to skim the discs on my Kia and i drove it for 6years. Now every 3months my car starts shaking when i brake. Bad service and unfriendly people at Menlyn VW. Took me 15minutes to book a service for my car. Nobody knows anything there.

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don't buy

2005 vw new beetle convertible has design flaw! I've needed to replace three electronic window mechanisms which require high labor hours - front side windows nearly $800 each and rear side windows nearly $400. Dealer cannot repair - must replace entire mechanism. First time was at 3 years old. Seems to me this is because the over use of automatic window drop down & up everytime door is opened or closed to fit with the convertible fabric top. Additionally, my top is now not rolling properly and I rarely use it! Great car if not for these issues but I will not buy another one!

volkswagen service not just bad, it is pathetic

What do you do when you have a vehicle, but it is always in the service department, and when you get it back it is still not fixed. Middelburg Volkswagen is that type of business that do not care about their customers and the trouble they are going through when a vehicle is in for a repair or a service. My husband has taken our kombi 1.9tdi in for so many repairs since the day that we have bought the vehicle, after . The aircon does not work, there are rattles all over the vehicle, the door handle is not fixed, at the worst part of everything is that when the vehicle goes in for repairs it is not only for one day but for 3 to 4 day. The they can not even provide us with a Courtesy Car. The excuse is always, there is no Courtesy Vechiles available. If you vehicle is going in for repairs about 6 times in a row, what the hell in wrong with the service, and after all there is always a list of the things given to them that is wrong.

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sold a lemon

I purchased a used Volkswagen EOS Convertible from Mike Haggerty Volkswagen in Chicago. The car had 24, 000 miles on it. Since I purchased it, I have had to return to the dealership 6 times within 3 months for repairs. Most of the problems I believe have been caused by a faulty electrical system however Volkswagen will not look into it. I have attempted to talk to the managers and owner about my concerns however the response I get is pretty much deal with it! I am very frustrated and pissed! I am not protected under the Lemon Law because it is a used vehicle.

unauthorized invoicing

I was charged $400.00 for a $30 hose collant hose--about $300 for labour. I did not authorize these excessive amounts. When I went to pick my vehicle up, they refused to release my vehicle unless I paid the full amount! I was so upset, I called the police and received a report number for followup purposes. On the sales slip it says that they must provide you with a written estimate. This was not provided. I will NEVER buy another VW again. If I can prevent one unassuming customer from using York Volkswagen in Toronto, this email will have been worth it. Please note that I am a professional who does not compose emails like this one. However, I feel compelled to forewarn others given how disturbing this experience was for me.

  • No
    Nothing Here Jun 09, 2010

    I feel your pain, however that is why you never ever go to a dealership.

    I went to that same dealer ship to get the battery in my key replaced. They said if they break my key while doing it, that they were not liable. LOL, um... thats why I pay you the 500% markup... Because if they break it, they will be replacing it.

    Just an FYI, it has nothing to do with "buying" a VW ever again but buy used :), but some of those hoses do cost a nice penny from the dealer too. Try APC next time for your parts and a non dealership mechanic. (The APC wear house is in Mississauga... pay cash for the discount)

    Or just a short drive away there is this mechanic what loves working on VW's Audi's etc. I cannot remember the name, however just an idea on his service and price. They allowed me to watch them work and to replace the fan control mod ($220) thats for the part and labor.

    I know they mainly run by word of mouth, however the address I added below they are in the B building (Left side) only about 5 or 6 shops in. You wont miss it since you will see nicely done cars in the parking area.

    101B Freshway Dr
    Concord. Ontario.

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The engine light came on in my 2003 Jetta, and it was running very rough, so I took it to Reydel VW of Edison, NJ for service. They said it was the ignition coil and charged me almost $800 for service. Two days after I took the car home the engine started acting exactly the same way as before the service and the enging light came on again.

I took it to Reydel again and they said it was a sensor and charged me another $230 for service.

I filed a complaint with VW America about unnecessary service at Reydel, and after checking up on it, they agreed that the service was probably unjustified. I asked for reinbursement and was flat out refused even after VW looked into it.

The bottom line here is VW doesn't stand by it's products and the technicians at Reydel are either poorly trained or just don't care weather the job is done correctly or not. At a labor charge of $99/hr, one would think they would do things properly and that VW America would be more professional about representing their product.

I have been driving VW's since the mid 70's, but this is the last time I will waste my money on a product whose repair service I cannot rely on, nor a corporation the won't stand by it's product.

zetta is a very poor car

Zetta manual volkswogan is a very poor car. I would recomend every person not to buy it as I am suffering after purchasing it.

1) their is lot of gear shifting, as we slow down the car we will hav to reduce the gear immidately otherwise the car will stop or vice versa.

2) it has poor quality of horns.

3) its ac is not effective in summers you will be sweating while driving your car and your ac is on.

4) poor interiors.

supposedly I have won £1, 050, 000

I have had several emails saying that I have won £1, 050, 000. !st of all wanting full name, addre...

bluetooth broke the 1st day I bought the car and not fixed

I purchase a new 2010 Jetta and the Blue Tooth stopped working the 1st day.

Fast forward 5 weeks later no fix. VW is like the replacement part is on back other tough luck.. Wait a while don't call us we will call you.

The quality is good but I would advise anyone not to buy a new VW based on my experience. This is not a dealer issue rather a VW corp. issue.

I know this is a small thing but the fact that they continue to sell VWs with working BT Modules while ignoring an existing customer proves they really don't give a damn about their customers.

Hope your reading VW Corp. I will post this on every message board I can find until you fix it and apologize. Good luck continuing in your present mode of operation.

unwanted email

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  • Mi
    Michael B. Jan 28, 2010

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defective car and warranty

I purchase a 2003 Mazda MPV with miles in the 40, 000 range in january '08. After driving a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan for 5 weeks, we were told the financing fell through. They did however have a van that had already been funded by Prestige Financial. Because of our situation, it was either walk or buy the car. AT the time, we were also told a "warranty" was required because of the kind of loan it is. This was the first of many lies. They added a $1400 warranty from a company, called LANDCAR the Larry Miller Owns. Pretty convenient for them They knew if they sold a defective car and never provide documenataion of warranty and requirements, their warranty company would never had to pay anything. When driving off the lot, we knew what a nightmare we were in for. After breaking in the first several months ans several times thereafter, we had contacted LM Volkswagon and Landcar each time. Other than a few hundred dollars on seals and gaskets, never paid anything. In February of "09 our car was so bad, Larry Miller Volkswagon themselves said that the car was "mechanically" a total loss and not safe to drive. They advised to get out of it but upon choosing a new vehicle we realized they were adding the entire amount we owed to negative equity. At a 20% apr, we would have never agreed. The car has been "undrivable" and unreliable since. It is not at a shop and repairs are estimated to be over $7, 000. Land car is refusing to pay anything because of $90 in oil change records. Records we did not even know we needed. Records Landcar does nto even mention on their website. WE have been in contact with Larry Miller several times as far as landcar and are still waiting for a response. They screwed us in the worst possible way. We are now walking with three children in a town 900 miles away from our closest relative because of what they have done. They are corrupt liars who are always looking for a way to make a dollar. They dont care at what expense. Channel 3 news in Arizona has also agreed to do a story. I hope no one ever buys a car from this disgusting people. Please, do not be naive about this sitaution. We were and it has utterly screwed us for a long long time.

  • Hu
    Hughes Ellzey Jun 10, 2011

    Please contact the law office of Hughes Ellzey, LLP if you have had your vehicle repossessed without a notice letter. Hughes Ellzey is currently handling such cases. For more information, please visit the following link: http://www.crafthugheslaw.com/Vehicle-Repossession-Lawyer.shtml or call the office directly at 888-350-3931.

    0 Votes

rude and aggressive head office

Praveen BN

Hello Volkswagen Team and Dear all Managers in Volkswagen

This Compliant is for all the employers who works for Volkswagen
...Please Help me ...

Hi This Praveen BN here, This is a mail were I am sending a formal
mail to you all the guys who works in Volkswagen industries. Please
Read my story and help me from your part.

I purchased a Polo TDI Line Car on November 10 at Place Ground in
Bangalore(Bangalore Motor PV LT ) an my car# ( KA03 MP 6256)..

We had give all the documents details to your dealership. But still i
did not get my Co-operate discount were my friends who are already got
it, i all ready called yours customer care and Given all the ways
complaints to them and still did not get any responded from them...

Fine ...Your Dealer (Associate) was very Ruled to us today in
speaking with vulgar words to us an also stated that there cannot give
us the money stated to raise this compliant to any extend he is not
worry because ...he stated he has taked money and no one can question
him, His name ( Kishore His cont # [protected]) ...I am Sorry I do
know what action you will take on him but your company is really waste
not even for a fit for nuts and fitted for this industries were
yours dealers do not know, how to behave with a customers ...

After I Booked a car Polo, One of yours associate had come to my house
to give us a test ride, you guys know what happen... he Taken us for
test ride and he did even response to us to drop us back home were
picked us up to, He just left us in the middle of the road and waved
away ...this what is service from yours company Really its is a very
very very poor and cheap Service from a Volkswagen people this was
published as Germany technology ...Not as Germany just like a Waste

 I Requested All the employ s who work for Volkswagen Please work for
what you have paid and do not cheat the company and put down there
Repetition down ...

 I Am request you guys to help me in co-operate discount for HP
Employers Please gte me That

That is only I an requesting you people ...

I Hope I will Get Good Respond from you teams and managements people

Thanks Warm Regards
Praveen BN
720 HBR Layout
Hennur Gross
Bangalore -43
Email ID [protected]@yahoo.com
Over all sending all this kind mails and call your Customers care a
more 100 times still not will one kind of responed i got from your
peolple, Now i come to know even the head office peolple also are
fraud peolple and 420 guys ...when i heard this News i was shock
were u guys sold a car to customer 2011 car still of selling a 2012
car to a customers tu tu tu ...Not even fit for a local class also

Yours bad regards to all the Peolple who work in Volkwagan
By Praveen

retail lease

I leased a 2006 Passat from Palisades Volkswagen, in Nyack, NY. It was a 4-year lease. During those 4 year...

bad practices, lousy customer service

My wife decided on a car, and put it on hold, with paperwork, called me to come over and look over details. 15 minutes later as I pulled in I saw the car being driven out on another test drive. They came back and bought the car over my protest. Nothing could be done they said, "first come first served". They told us another car of similar quality could be available, so we were patient. One came a few weeks later which we liked. It has some problems which we were told would be fixed: new tires, rear view mirror, etc. Pick it up and it had new tires, but rear view was not fixed. We had to take it to Jaguar downtown. "not covered" Jaguar said, and wanted $900. I argued and was forced to call Luther, who did NOT want to cooperate. They did end up fixing the mirror, but my wife found her tires would slow leak. "Take it to Goodyear" they said. We found cracks in the sidewalls, an obvious defect. But Goodyear had no warranty on those tires AND we found they swapped the 17 inch wheels and tires the car originally came with, and put on 16 inch.
It just shows an unscrupulous organization who will do anything to make a fast buck.

spot delivery scam

I purchased a car through Fox Valley Volkswagen in West Chicago, IL on July 20th, 2009 through "Tommy". We...

faulty transmission

I traded in my 07 Rabbit for an automatic diesel Jetta TDI, and it broke down within 2 days due to a faulty...


In my opinion gunther vw has committed fraud for the following reasons: on 11/20/07 I purchased a 2005 honda...

receiving mails of award money

Kindly check who is using your name and mailing me again and again for teh award winning prizes. email fo teh...

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