Vodashop Eastgate / contract upgrade

We upgraded my contract, [protected], on 14/11/2016. The phone we selected is an Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Rosegold. Up to this instant, we have yet to receive any phone, or feedback. When we phone the shop and ask for the manager, Johan, he simply ends the call as soon as he hears it is me that is speaking. I went to the shop on 01/12/2016, to find out about my phone, but the manager, Johan, told one of the staff to tell me that he is busy and could not see me, even though I waited for 20 minutes. I simply do not know what else I am to do, is this the kind of service that Vodacom prides itself upon? One would imagine it should not ought to be like this. I do not know how long I still have to wait to get my phone or what I am to do to get better service, or any reaction regarding this matter.

Dec 05, 2016

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