Vodafone Usb 4505 Z / Inferior products

South Africa

I have been a customer with Vodacom for many years and have a couple of contracts with them. 3 Cell phone contracts and a data and Laptop contract. I pay about R2200 to R2800 per month for these contracts.. In the beginning of August last year I had a problem with my USB K3715 Stick and took it to their customer care centre. I was told to book it in as they have to send it in to have it checked out. The net day I received a sms from them stating that there is a charge of R1022 for the stick as it was deemed negligence from my side. I contacted them and they told me that due to one of the housing pins that where loose I had to pay to have it repaired. I do not understand what the housing pin had to do with the unit being completely dead. When querying this I was told that it is their policy. Any person in should have been able to see that it was just a housing pin that came loose. I was then offered a USB K4505 z for an amount of R1139 as it had a faster download speed. I took the offer as I need the unit to do my business.
Then the problem started all over again due to the new unit switching itself on and off while I was on the net. Again I went to Vodacom 3G store in Tygervalley to report the problem and was told that Vodacom knows about the issue and they are working on it to fix the problem. I then again accepted their word for it. The problem persisted and yet again I went back and they then took the item in to check and gave me a loan unit which did not give me any problems. This was a K3765. Week or so later I was told to come in and was issued with a brand new unit. Two days later the same problem started all over . Unit kept switching itself off. I went to the 3G store in Tygervalley again and was told to book the unit in again. This time I had to Pay R999 for the loan unit as they had changed their policy. The unit was sent in and the loan unit I was given worked perfectly – Again it was a different model. I was then called a week or so later and told to collect my unit as they had loaded new software on it. When I came there I was told I had to wait as they did not have the R999 to refund me for the loan unit. Had to wait 3 hours for them to collect the money for me from cash customers.
Still I had the same problem and contacted their customer service centre and was told all they can now do is a 48 hours unit exchange for a different model that was also less expensive. When I asked if I would be refunded the difference I was told no as it was not policy.
3 Weeks ago I went to the Customer Care centre in Tygervalley to do the exchange and was told they could not as the little red plastic slider on the side of the unit had come off and was gone. Yet again I asked what has the slider got to do with the working of the unit and was told that is policy. The slider is attached to the unit with glue on a base of about 3mm.
It seems that Vodacom is putting inferior products out to customers and if it doesn’t work are throwing the policy at the customers if there are problems.

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