Vodafone / poor customer service and limited working hours to serve

First of All
I am another mobile operator First Class Customer
It has been long time to deal with Vodafone
And coming to end up this relation soonest by transferring my lines to my loyal other operator
I paid the amount needed for my two lines
[protected] and [protected] at new Cairo branch
Surprised that 6666 worked and 9999 didn't work

calling 888 customer Service saying to me call 881 for post paid lines
Ok no problem
Calling 881 more than 3 times replying me 888 and they say no call 881
What's up !!! I am looking to my phone and it shows 881, I am not that crazy !!
After 3 calls, they say excuse us post paid service 881 only works from 10 am to 10 pm !!
Is that logic, sorry Vodafone ... it cames to very poor service !!!
No hope for Vodafone to come up !!!


Jun 01, 2018

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