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WHERE DO I START? after my 18 month contract had expired in december 2011, i decided to upgrade my blackberry, they said oooo yes, you have a voucher worth 120.00 euros and 1, 200 points towards your new phone. I paid 9.99euros for the difference of price, and asked about my tariff as contract expired now, she said oh they will just keep it the same for you. In january went back to shop to upgrade my husbands phone as his contract had then expired, BUT a different memeber of staff served us, and stated when you upgrade you automatically go onto permanancia contract for 2 years, and if you want to leave vodafone will cost 100.00!!! We was both livid as this information was witheld in december. my husband told them to shov the upgrade and he ported his number over to yoigo in february, while at the vodafone shop we asked the assistant to change the bank account number for the direct debits, she done this, and in february the bills for me and my hubby came in showing the new account number, BUT they tried to debit the bills from the old account number (which we had blocked from vodafone) so they were returned to vodafone unpaid, we got text messages to say bills not been paid, paid straight away via online bank transfers. In march it happened again plus there was extra charges on our bills of 18.00 each for the unpaid direct debits????? and again this month, we have spent hours after hours on the phone to them, and so far only had one 18.00 euros refunded, they state they have the correct bank account number and have been applying for bills to that number, it must be the banks fault.

Went to the bank, spoke with the manager who was also livid, he said he can only take the money from the account they ask for it from, he then printed up all failed debits prooving they are being applied by vodafone to the WRONG account number, AND printed up all the online transfers we done paying the bills, everything, we can proove 100% that vodafone are at fault, they said to email all documents over, we have tried over 2 days now, but their email system does NOT accept emails with attachments, so how can we show them the proof??? off to their store iin guardamar tomorrow to get them to fax over all documents and have a row with them and get them to speak to the accounts department, TOTALLY ********* OFF WITH VODAFONE ES NOW, WANT TO PORT MY NUMBER OVER TO YOIGO BUT VODAFONE WILL CHARGE ME 100.00 IF I WANT TO DO THAT!!!


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      16th of May, 2012

    he pagado 45.73 euros el dia 19 de abril del 2012 correspondiente a la factura que se vence el dia 15 de abril del 2012 ingreso que se ha ingresado a la cuenta de vodafone españa del banco santander y ahora resulta que me ha llegado una factura impago de 45.54 euros del mes de abril por favor rectificar ese pago mis datos son los siguientes. MIGUEL COELLAR CABRERA con NIF 54218339 w telefono fijo 918285936 movil 607054514 y mi domicilio es calle del molino #9 Bjo. B colmenarejo espero que no siga callendo herrores como ya ha pasado el mes de marzo que me cortaron el servicio de mi parte le agradesco de antemano gracias.

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  • Ad
      4th of Feb, 2013

    Hi I brought a Spanish Vodafone iPhone 3GS second hand while living in Spain Iam now in the UK and have reset the iPhone to factory setting and am now unable to activate the phone as I need a Spanish sin card, however I am now preeminently living in the UK and have Norway of getting one, can anyone help me solve his problem, I think what I need is the phone unlocking would that be right .???

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