Vodafone Es / charges

1- my 18 month contract ened in december, went to store to get an upgrade using points earned, was informed my tariff would stay the same with no problems. went back to shop in january as my husbands 18 month contract ended to upgrade his phone, and was told if upgraded would then be on permanancia contract for 2 years and would cost 100 euros to exit vodafone -this information was NOT given to me in december.
2 - changed direct debit bank account at shop in january, february's bills for me and my hubby showed new bank account number for payment, BUT they tried to debit from old account number, bank refused payment and we were both charged 18.00 euros each for the privilage! after calling them (and paying the bills by direct bank transfer) they assured us the money will be taken from new account in march, in march the same happened again, and again in April, they have only refunded me one lot of 18.00 and state the next lot will be credited off the next bill, they have taken the money and will not pay back into the account (aprils bill was taken from old account number, which my bank manager unblocked just in case it happened again - AND IT DID)

my husband ported his number over in february to another supplier, and they have now sent a collection agency letter stating we owe over 67 euros, 18.00 of bank fees, february's bill they state not been paid plus last consumption till porting date. We went to bank and got all the proof that vodafone was trying to debit from wrong account, transfers to pay bills etc, which shows 100% that it is vodafone at fault, they will not accept responsibility.

We are now very frustrated as when we call the customer support team, they vurtually always hang up on us, or say they will call back and never do, this has been ongoing now since february and really want to get it sorted out and leave them, i want to port my number over to a different supplier without the 100 euros charge, as they have treated me with such disrepect and made the past 3 months of my life hell.

We have even tried emailing them all the proof documents from the bank, but their email system will not accept emails with attachments so how do i prove they are in the wrong, how can I get this sorted out, I not wealthy and cannot afford a solicitor to sort it out for me!!! I have never hated a phone supplier as much as I do VODAFONE ES right now, they are liars, theifs and just dont care about their customers at all

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