Vodafone Egypt / billing

Cairo, EG

Today I visited Vodafone office in El Rehab city, Cairo, Egypt to pay my bill, I got bomber 48, after waiting 30 minutes they call for my number on screen I go to the desk, the manager was there collecting money from the employee I stayed front of desk till finish counting money I gave the employee my no, she asked the next no.49, I told her I'm stand up at the front of your desk waiting you and the manger, she said no I'll take the next no, I TOLD here you are kiding, the manager came and shout, told me you have to wait, all the desks had bombers 50, 51, 52 let me waiting, I tola the the manager I need to cancel my line he told me wait as punishmentthis situation insulting me at the front of customers.


Hani Nasr

Nov 28, 2017

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