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Vodafone / out going blocked

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Dated : Dec/04/2007


The Manager Customer Service,
Vodafone Essar Limited,
Peninsula Corporate Park,
Ganpat Rao Kadam Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400 013
FAX NO : + [protected] / 6666 1222

Dear Sir / Ma’am

Subject : Vodafone Cellular No. + [protected]

It does not give me pleasure at all to waste my time and yours about the CALLOUS SERVICES of VODAFONE INDIA.

Subject Vodafone Cellular No.+[protected] was on Corporate Account until Oct/31/2007 and since the same was been used by the Author of this message he wanted to Retain the Same No. on his Individual Name.

Necessary NOC from the Corporate Account was submitted to Ms.Neetu of your Kharghar Vodafone Store on Nov/01/2007. During the time of submission the Author had discreetly requested Ms.Neetu to complete all the documentation at one go to avoid any inconvenience to any concern later. Ms.Neetu assured that basis the NOC everything would be taken care off and also my Tariff Plan would be changed from Plan 699 to Plan 299.

However the same did not happen and Ms.Neetu called me on Nov/03/2007 stating that she would require me submit my Billing Address Proof along with a Photograph. The Author rushed to the store which is about 30 Kms from his work place and handed over the desired document and the Photograph. Again the Author requested Ms.Neetu to check and confirm whether the exercise of Transferring the Account from Corporate To Individual and the Tariff Plan is changed or not. She suggested that the Author clears his previous months Bill Amounting to Rs.1253.77,which was supposedly due on Nov/15/2007. The Author asked Ms.Neetu to advise him the Total Amount Due Until That Hour ( 19.00 Hrs Of Nov/03/2007 ) and she was kind enough to suggest the Amount which was Rs.1,322.00 and which the Author immediately paid through his Credit Card. And for which the Transaction ID is MKG-2-[protected] (19.04.05 Hrs). After making the payment the Ms.Neetu kept a Xerox Copy of the Payment Receipt and assured the Author that the Account & Tariff Plan Transfer would effect within the next 48 Hrs.

The Author waited for a confirmation for the next few days. Not getting one he called Vodafone Helpline ( 111 ) on 13/112007 and spoke to Ms.Tejas who said that the Plans have not been changed since she they did not receive the author’s documents. On being given details Ms.Tejas promptly connected the Author to Ms.Neetu. It was a shock to the Author when Ms.Neetu said that she did not process the documents since she would need Rs.500/- against some charges. The Author nearly lost his control and asked Ms.Neetu that incase he hadn’t called would Vodafone bothered to inform about the status. He also asked Ms.Neetu to pay the money and process the documents and her money would be reimbursed by 19.30 Hrs the same evening. Only the Almighty and Ms.Neetu know whether she had made the payment from her side but the author kept his word and by 19.30 hrs the same day he reached the Vodafone Kharghar store and paid a sum of Rs.500/- to Ms.Zahida but for which no receipt was issued. Ms.Zahida assured to pass on the money to Ms.Neetu and said that everything will be all right now.

On Nov/17/2007 the author called Vodafone helpline no.111 and was shocked when he was told that by Ms.Priti that neither the author’s documents have reached at her end nor his payment was reflecting in her system. Later she connected the author to Ms.Suhasini who in a blink said that the documents have been processed on Nov/17/2007. She also assured the Author that she would make a note that the delay has occurred due to Vodafone and hence the author may be billed @ Tariff Plan 299 from Nov/01/2007 the day when the NOC was given to Vodafone.

The Author’s misery did not end here and on Nov/28/2007 his Phone was disconnected by Vodafone. When contacted one Mr.Shyam came online and assured that the mistake is from their side and that the Line will be restored within the next Two hours. When told about the course of events, even Mr.Shyam was surprised that the Payment made of Rs.1,322.00 was not reflecting in his system. Mr.Shyam kept his word and the line was restored.

The Author now sat back and relaxed that at last Sanity Prevailed with Vodafone and his miseries have ended. He received an SMS on Dec/12/2007 that his Bill for the month of Nov/2007 is due on Dec/16/2007 for an amount of Rs.619.22. While he was waiting for the Bill Soft & Hard copy he found that effective 12.50 Hrs of Dec/03/2007 his out going calls are barred. With utter disgust the author called Vodafone at 111 at 14.00 Hrs and this time one Ms.Monica came on line and informed that since the Credit Limit on the Author’s Cell no. is fixed at Rs.300/- his line has been disconnected. She also commented that the Verification Process is still not over. The last nail on the coffin was that when Ms.Monica was told that is it not Vodafone’s Duty to inform the Patron about the Blocking Of Any Service. At 14.00 Hrs, Ms.Monica smartly forwarded an SMS at 14.08 Hrs stating that the out going services are blocked and mind you this was after the author had disconnected the call.

Now the Bone Of Contention is :

Is it the Patron’s Responsibility to check whether his File Is Moving Or Not ?

Is it not Vodafone’s Responsibility to Inform the Patron Regarding The Status ?

Is it not Vodafone’s Responsibility to Inform the Patron Regarding The Blocking Of Any Service Giving Reasons and Not Lame Excuses When Caught by the Scruff ?

Does VODAFONE Only Believe in Harassment Tactics ?

Does Vodafone works in this Callous Manner Globally Or Is It Just Taking The Indians for Ride ?

Your soonest advise on the above would enable the author to set further course of action.


Alok K.Choudhuri
D-115, Raghunath Vihar, A.W.H.O,
Sector-14, Kharghar,
Navi Mumbai – 410 210

Hand Phone No. + [protected]

( Currently Works Only Per The Whims & Fancies Of Vodafone )

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  • Da
      16th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had a weird phone call this morning and there are lots peodofiles
    going around i though it could be one of them so i got scared and deleted the number, and i have now told someone and they need to know the number. So i need to get the number to tell the number.

  • Ji
      13th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    my bill was 4000 something i made the payment of 3000 hypercity mall malad west mumbai at9:30 they told me my phone will start after 2hrs so pl look forward. thank u

  • Vo
      11th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Vodafone Shop Contact number:

    1. Get your latest bill from the shop.
    2. Look at the FAX number they provided.
    3. Change the last digit of the fax number and dial
    4. Keep changing the last digit until somebody picks up!

    For example: number for Vodafone Store in Hypercity:
    +91 22 671 00 980 (because fax is 671 00 985!)

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