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Pretoria, South Africa
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I am fuming at the level of customer service or let me say lack of customer service vodacom has shown.My phone is locked "vodafone protect"and requires a pin, which i do not have and vodacom is unable to provide me with one, the most craziest solution to all this according to them is for them to reset my phone, causing me to lose all the data i have on my phone.

Firstly i have never requested this service, it came with the phone, as part of the vodacom package yet i have to be extremely inconvenienced by this, why cant vodacom not have a pin to assist it's client at a time like this, i get the service is discontinued but why should the customers suffer, i need a solution to this and how on earth do i backup my data if i cant even access it?I have called the call center, i went to the vodashop but they all proved to be useless.

May 2, 2017

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