Vodacomvodacom - eastgate branch

Visited the eastgate branch on sunday, 8th january to obtain a contract for my mom, gwen schmidt. She has had a prepaid account with vodacom for many years. We dealt with the service consultant, funny. He helped us to sign up for the 12-month contract of 1gb per month. To date the data has not been activated. When speaking to funny telephonically, he mentions this is a technical problem and they have submitted the details to the technician at vodacom. Our frustration comes from the fact that it has now been 4 days with no result. Various people from the eastgate branch say that they will phone back but never do. This means that i've had to phone in several times a day and then the contact number to the shop is usually on voicemail and I can't get through. I feel this is acceptable service.

Jan 13, 2017

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