Vodacom / vodacom do not care in south africa

MIDRAND, South Africa
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Where shall I start in feb my cell number was hucked, vodacom refuse to assist me with a new number I need to upgrade my contract. Then the same day at the vodacom shop I cancel my contract, that never was emailed, then I phone 3 times the same issue. It never arrives. Then you give me over to legal dep and the money was paid. Legal dep say they do not know what is happening with all the air time customer care needs to sort out. Customer care say legal dept needs to uplift the block. After 6 phone calls nothing was done. Now I know exactly why 10 people in my office cancel there contract and go to telkom because of this great service vodacom is giving us. There is not service and no assistance in any situation whatever. Bad bad service, they eager to take your money every month from there not assistance at all. T

May 15, 2017

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