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Durban, South Africa
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Vodacom Account S4723008.5 for Cell Numbers [protected] & [protected] refers

I am a loyal Vodacom customer for more than 20 years and I am very unhappy with the new contract dated 26 January 2017, I'm so sorry I ever approached Vodacom again.

Reason being I did not receive the contract Vodacom advertised in December 2016 and January 2017. What I asked for is not what I got, I am very disgusted at Vodacom Customer service. I spend hours every month trying to sort out the problem but have been transferred from pillar to post and the account is currently in a big mess.

My Cell phone contract's expired February 2016. I was on talk uChoose flexi 55. I contacted your upgrade in January 2017 requesting the same uChoose flexi 55 and as advertised R39.00 for both cell phones, no new devises I kept the old devises. The person who help me said no problem and she mentioned that because of our age both the devices qualify for a free 250gig data per month. I was delighted until I saw the first bill.

The R39.00 never appeared on the statement for both
numbers and an extra 2GB UChoose more Data was charged on cell number [protected]. WHY????? I have never requested the 2GB UChoose data. As a pensioner I can not afford such a luxury. I am 84 years old and don't use internet at all, I have no use for intenet.

The charges on Cell number [protected] is acceptable so I expect [protected] to read the same, pleeease.

When I phoned regarding the extra charge I was informed the lady made a mistake and it will be rectified. The latest bill dated 1 April 2017 show a once off charge for Migration Fee. Why charge me for a Vodacom mistake. This is totally wrong I CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE . I NEVER ASKED FOR A MIGRATION. What is a migration?

The Internet charges which I paid for a couple of months by debit order I expect to be credited or reimbursed for accordingly.

I plan to stop the debit order, but will pay you on the 2nd of every month via my bank. In future please forward my statement to the following email address [protected]

I always thought Vodacom to be the best cell phone provider but your call centre's is definitely not up to standard.

Your assistance in this matter would be appreciated and I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.

Mr M J Grobler

May 18, 2017

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