Vodacom / vodacom cellphone contract

My father passed away more than a month ago. He was the vodacom account holder. About a month ago I took my mother into the vodacom shop in the colonnade centre to have the account transferred into her name. All seemed well.
I have just been informed that her account has been suspended. The funny thing is that you did allow the debit order to go through> in other words you have taken money from a pensioner< who moves about in a wheelchair< who has lost her voice seven years ago who is unable to speak and who lives on her own. Who has just lost her husband!!! Anything can happen to her during this night how, how, how, will she call for help?
Please listen to the phone call I logged with the reference number [protected]
I do need this account activated immediately!
I do want you the follow up if there is any incompetence suspected from the vodacom shop in the collanade

Jun 01, 2018

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