Vodacomvodacom cell phone billing - vodacom live now called entertainment services

I am billed monthly for Vodafone live since February 2018 and now in June for Entertainment services!
I never subscribed to any Vodafone live or entertainment services and each month i check for WASPS on my account.
This is criminal behaviour and Vodacom should be taken to court in a class action for billing customers against their wish and will for services that we do not subscribe to.
Mine was Feb 2018 - Vodafone live -R 61.85
March 2018 - R123.77
April 2018 - R139.24
May 2018 - R 135.15
and in June 2018 - they changed the description to"entertainment services" = R139.39
I want my money back!
This is criminal and should be reported and investigated.

Jun 08, 2018

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