Vodacom / vodacom, airtime used

South Africa

I have switched on my background data restrictions, now my airtime is all used and I did not even make a lot of calls. I also switch off my WiFi and mobile data during the night. Every morning I check on my airtime and it somehow "disappeared". Eg. On 1May night I received airtime worth R200. At 6:00 on Monday morning my Airtime available dropped to R158, and I didn't make any calls as I was sleeping!!! This upsets me tremendously, because it is not only this time, it happens every month!!! I am trying to manage my expenses, but this is taken out of my hands. There is no notification whatsoever, or for what it is used for! It is my money and I want to know why it is taken. If it is for any background updates, I want to be notified beforehand, and I want to give permission to what I want to update!

May 5, 2017

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