Vodacom / vodacom account dept

Roodepoort, South Africa

I have a contract for over 20 years with Vodacom and recently went to Mauritius for a holiday.While on holiday I used my phone not realizing that roaming charges are that much yet no message from Vodacom warning about the charges.How ever when I came back I received my bill and contacted the accounts dept and they lodged a querie and send me ref noS4-W0121-IE25R. This week I received sms to say that the querie have been resolved and that I should contact customer care which I did only to be told that I must pay the R26000 immediately or myline will be suspended which I told them that it is not possible as it was not in my budget.I offered them to pay R 4000 ectra a month above my normal account and the supervisor told me that they cannot accept it as it must be paid immediately otherwise the line will be cut off which he did immediately after the call.I use this number for business and asked if they can open it for incoming call only until account is paid up but they refused making it difficult for me to do business with out the phone and do not know how I am going to pay them with out an income

Oct 26, 2018

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