Vodacomvery bad customer service

T Nov 20, 2017

Let it be known that on sunday, the 19th nov '17, at +- 15h45, we (Luke kellerman who wanted to buy me a iphone se) received such arrogant customer service from the two consultants on duty at cellucity, tygervalley. Unfortunately, I do not have their names. Only the name of marcus, who assisted us initially with the contract the day before. He already left when we came the sunday to finalise the contract. When the consultant was asked to assist to simply set up the phone for me, we were told about the r150 set up costs! Really... For a brand new contract phone? Not a fault report or aftercare service, but a brand new, just purchased phone? Really vodacom / cellucity?! We left as my son believed we will get better service somewhere else. He is convinced, that if the initial consultant, marcus was there, he would've done it as a part of customer service. No setting up of whatsapp, fb, emails, etc. Just make sure the correct pins are being used to simply set up the iphone for me, a very new iphone user. The consultant refered to his commission and the other consultant rudely, without consideration for the customer is was busy with or the other customers in the shop raised his voice to reinforce this r150 rule and support his other colleague... Really cellucity / vodacom?! There was a time when I had great admiration for you. Hence, my current 3 x contracts with you for my three sons! Check it out, nolene kellerman, id [protected]! Definately, my last! We went to cellucity, century city where we received such wonderful service, eventhough your guys at tygervalley did'nt want to change the "store id" on their side as riaan from century phoned them and asked them decently to do, to make the process easier... Out of spitefulness they cancelled everything after the call from your century city's branch. A good repremand with some discipline and an apology will be surfice and appreciated. May their customer service behaviour improve drastically for your business sake!

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