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South Africa

Dear Vodacom Management,

After being called and offered an upgrade no one came back to me and I have spoken to 14 of your consultants repeated the problem and asked for the situation to be escalated and I have received SMS references numbers that I will be contacted and absolutely nothing to date.
Please see my account and how much time (hours) I have spent trying to get this sorted.

My other account "upgrade" was not a problem at all in June and within days I received my package which included a cheap tablet so why this insurmountable problem I am experiencing now?

I requested the deal with the Samsung S7 Edge Phone and Headgear which was a fraction more cost effective than my present deal on [protected] when I was contacted in December.

Whilst I am putting this on record and waiting to be connected once again, I was put through to teamleder Thulufelo Shuping who was the most helpful to date and he said he would resolve the issue and get authorization from the department and call me back within 3 days.
The deal he put together was slightly more per month not less as per the call I received in December but I probably must just be satisfied with what I am offered at the moment.

My gripe with Vodacom service levels:

I have always dealt directly with Vodacom regarding my corporate and personal issues and not the Franchise Stores and find it most time consuming and unacceptable that you have no EMAIL correspondence avenue in order to assure what is recorded is recorded verbatim and not the present assumptions and misunderstandings between a client and a call center assistants.

My relationship with Vodacom has been both as a supplier and client and I was always assured that both our interests were always at heart.

Just to illustrate how much time and call cost has been spent by me on the present situation in the last few days:
05/01 17:37 5min 31 sec
10/01 14:16 17 min 36 sec
14:37 10 min 2 sec
14:47 Call dropped
15:22 13 min 25 sec
15:15 recording problem
15 19 recording problem
15H23 59 min 57 sec

Dear valued cust ...Upgrade ..Vodacom Shop...contract term
10/01 Dear cust. call assigned as S4-N9AAL-L5HD
Dear cust... a callback has been scheduled...within next 24 hours.
14/01 Dropped calls free min.

Please advise why I need this frustration I never even had as a corporate client and why a manager can't or wont call me back?

R.Kevin Smith

Jan 16, 2017

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