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I have upgraded 2 of my contracts with Vodacom on the 20th Dec 2016, up until today 18 Jan 2017 i have not received any phones the first problem was apprently the headphones that came free with the phones and that was the hold up, after being told it will be delivered before Christmas, i understood and left it. Then i contacted them on the 29th and 30th December and i was told that they are Still waiting.. after having my call was dropped 5 times and being patient and leaving it until the 16th Jab 2017, i called once again having a consultant tell me that it is Bytes problem and not Vodacom, as far as i remember i have a financial agreement with Vodacom and NOT with Bytes. I called again then the consultant told me the parcel is available for pick up at the warehouse and RAM was just suppose to pick it up and that she has escalated it to a manager who still hasnt contacted me and i was told that the phones will be delivered 16th or the 17th of January today is the 18th i still have no phones my new installment of R220 will be deducted on the 20th Jan and i have NO PHONES i do not think that this service is acceptable if i do not have a respone within 24hours or not have my phones before the 20th January 2017 iwill be forwarding this complaint to the Ombudsman, as Vodacom is not putting their customers or hasnt got any intentions of putting them first.

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Jan 18, 2017

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