I am just wondering if you give false advertising all the time. I upgraded to the Sony Experia X Compact 4G where your advertisement states you get 12 movies while stock last... Fine no stock left I accept... But in store you advertise on big boxes...and online guaranteed gift this summer (as far as I know it is still summer) when getting upgrade to this contract that you get a water bottle with speaker... Yet still only while stock last... The previous time I upgraded it was the same thing and now again. There is just never stock on all this so called stuff you get with your upgrade... So I am wondering if this isn't just fake advertising to trick us into taking certain upgrades where you then just use the excuse "no stock left"... The first time I accepted it but now I am thinking this is a scam... Not happy with Vodacom at all. They do not keep their end of advertisements...

Jan 09, 2017

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