On the 1st March I saw an iPhone 5s it was on special price for R199.00 per month on vodacom phamphlet n my contract ws due for upgrade and I called the upgrade department n I was promised I will get my phone within five days after that 5days wen I called to find out when am I gonna get my phone I was told about the new system that has been installed so there's a little bit of delay, and I phoned again after a week there was a different excuse that wen u change to a different plan I will only receive a phone month end till today I haven't received a phone yet when I checked my airtime balance my account os credited with R200 airtime which is for the new upgraded contract yet I haven't received the phone when I try to call them I hold for
Literally an hour until my battery runs flat.i need help can sumbody please advise wat to do or who to call I ran out of options

Apr 07, 2016

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