Vodacomunethical behaviour

ON 10 April Idid an application with vodacom for two voda smarttabs 10inch - next day I was advise that I was approved (this was also mentioned when the cons in store spoke to your aquisitions dept) but they needed to refer it so I could get the two done and they said I needed to submit letter to clarify me showing on experian..this was done as my name is clear...then I was told by your store (again mentioned in the conversation of you cons and head office) that they need to review done..please also check the timeline as this happened on Saturday 22 April (12days already!!!) then on monday "oh sorry i cannot process new applications today"...Tuesday O the reviewer said I can get only one tab on a flexi 200 package which I agreed to..when the cons try to process this she couldd complete(this now wedenesday 26 April)..and later that evening when phoning all of a skielik it is declined from the start????? I can go on and on and are the worst cell company and I will be taking my/my husband's contract with the five existing devices elsewhere...have been loyal for far too long

Apr 28, 2017

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