Vodacom / unethical behaviour

I went to the shop yesterday to book my phone for repairs
when i get there i was first told i must my phone to Jabulani mall
2 weeks back i called in to find out where is the nearest shop i can take my phone, i was told by the call centre agent not to take my phone to Jabulani i must take it to maponya mall
then i waited the guy who helped me went to the staff room and when he come back he told me the sytem to book phones was offline

I found it inappropriate after they tried to chase me to jabulani mall now the system was offline.

It inconvenienced me, cause i knocked off ealry at work to take my phone there only to find out i wasted my time.

i still have to knock off early again, its unacceptable the level of service i got

Jul 31, 2018

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