Vodacomtrying to activate my account for sponsored billing for ki account


I work for a very popular financial institution and have contacted our Vodacom liaison namely Monique Carstens to activate my cellphone number ([protected]) for sponsored billing so that the company I work for can contribute to my Vodacom account. The necessary forms were submitted in Nov/Dec 2016 and this still hasn't been done - 6 months down the line!!! Initially Monique responded that I'm not a Vodacom customer, which I surely am as I am on a Vodacom contract and have emailed my statements to her. Since then I have struggled to get a response from her regarding activating my account for sponsored billing. This is costing me a LOT of money which could have been sponsored by my company. I am EXTREMELY frustrated and don't know how else to escalate this. I have emailed her plenty of times (and have the history of all emails), but she is not coming back to me with a solution as to why this activation hasn't been done yet. If I knew this was going to happen I wouldn't have taken the contract with Vodacom as I specifically did it to make use of the sponsored billing through the company I work for.

May 19, 2017

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