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I am trying for 4 days know (since 27 January 2017) to get somebody at Vodacom to assist me with two technical queries. I want to set-up a VPN between 2 laptops.

The queries are:
1. What is the IP address of one of their DNS servers, so that I can use it to finalise a static IP address set-up on one of the laptops, being the Server.
2. I want them to unblock some ports (443 - SSTP service, 1723 PPTP service and 5100 - for Private use) as its shows, using the SHIELDSUP application, that my ISP is blocking all my ports on both computers. I do have e-mail and Internet services, seeing that they use ports 110 and 80 respectively. Otherwise all other traffic from outside my laptops are blocked.

I have done a full set-up for the VPN and only need these two queries to be resolved. Firewalls and anti-virus software were switched off temporarily on both my laptops, to make sure that I am not blocking any traffic.

I have spoken to nearly 10 consultants. Nobody knew what I was talking about and in most of the cases they put the phone down, after I have held-on for more than 10 minutes each time to get through.

The one consultant even shouted at me that Vodacom is not my ISP.

In one case I spoke to a Team Leader, but the same happened. She did not know what I was talking about and tried to convince met that it is my device, after showing very little knowledge of the subject. Then she wanted to speak to my wife, seeing that the Routers is registered in her name. That is where I decided that I need to lodge a complaint.

This is most frustrating, as I am dependent on them to set-up a VPN.

Jan 30, 2017

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