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Dodoma, Tanzania

On May 2, I purchased an internet modem from Vodacom Moshi and paid 50, 000 Tsh - 25, 000 Tsh for modem and 25, 000 Tsh for unlimited monthly internet access. Just a week later, my credit was all used up. I wanted to know how and why and on Sunday, I called Customer Service. Someone called me back and I was given two telephone numbers of Moshi Vodacom to discuss the matter. I assume the Customer Service, is in Dar es Salaam. Anyhow, on Monday morning I called Moshi and the following is my conversation with the person from Moshi. To me, it is clear that this person checked the information and that must be why initially, he said if I was in Moshi, the problem will be solved. I am not in Moshi (I am in Dodoma) but to me, that shouldn't make any difference whatsoever. I really would like to get an answer to how I finished the unlimited service in one week and also, if unlimited is 20, 000 Tsh, why did the guy charge me 25, 000 Tsh. Thank you!

My correspondence with Vodacom Moshi [protected] and [protected])

Me: My vodacome internet number is [protected], my name is Nina Tesfamariam. I bought a modem from your office on May 2nd for 25, 000 Tsh and unlimited bundle for 25, 000 Tsh. After just one week of usage, I found out that I do not have any credit on the unlimited bundle. Can you pls explain how it is possible to use up unlimited in one week? Thank you!
All responses from Vodacome were from [protected]

Vodacom: Did you change airtime into bandle first?

Me: The person who sold it to me in your office said he had put bundles. I did not purchase airtime myself.

Vodacome: What I know unlimited izs 20000. If you paid 25000 tsh for a modem that means it was for a modem but if you paid 50000tsh from there we can ask the other money where it is. Maybe he or she failed to change airtime into bundle.

Me: I gave the guy 50, 000 tsh.

Vodacome: Where are you now?

Me: I am in Dodoma

Vodacom: you bought at vodashop moshi?

Me: Yes

Vodacom: Maybe if you come back from Dodoma we can easily solve the problem. Sory for that madam

Me: I will not be back in Moshi. If you tell me how you propose to solve it, I can send someone.

Vodacom: Lets m e see then I wil let you know what to do.

Me: Thank you! I will wait for your response.

Vodacom: Ok

Me: Any progress? (11:47 am)

Vodacom: Still working on it

Me: I need to hear from you today. This is a simple matter that requires an honest and reliable answer. Thank you! (at 4 pm)

Vodacom: I tried to ask on ur matter but ifound no cleary answer since you are not there but I wish you could be in moshi that could be simple for me to solve ur problem coz I asked the one who is responsible in selling modem, he said he don remember better if you send some in our office so that we can solve easiy the problem. Again im very sory coz of delaying to inform you. thanx.

Me: I am not in moshi and that should not make any difference. I am sure your system shows that I bought the modem in your office. Even Dar Vodacom found it in the system. What other information do you require? This is not an appropriate response. All you have to do ask the man what he did with the 25, 000 tsh. He should be able to tell you.

Vodacom: I said again im not the one who is dealing with the data system on the issues of modem. Better enough you went up to Vodacom head office, then there could be easy for them to answer ur problem.

Me: someone will have to give me an answer

May 12, 2015

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