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Dear sir,

Vodacom south africa still using "black face"

Please give us the correct department to complain about your overall marketing outlook as it relates to your african demographic. We find your advertisement of a white man dressed in "black face" to be down right offensive and regressive in the post apartheid south africa. Most african south africans have been so oppressed and cut off from the rest of the world they do not even realize the deep nature of these offenses.

In post apartheid south africa, we find your racial representations to be regressive and insensitive to the ethnic majority who are still marginalized. 78% of adverts of south african origination is still pro-white. That means the visual advertising time is dominated by white european people. When coupled with international adverts and international programmed content across all visualized broadcast mediums it raises white visibility to 89%. It is almost as if the african demographic is invisible as a target audience. Beyond blatant tokenism our findings found the african visual representations in hiv, servant roles and alcohol related content to be 83% in the same given period. Therefore when africans are present onscreen they are usually in these roles.

With these white dominate adverts coupled with the very obvious economic apartheid how is your company responsible for a new south africa? Because unless this is challenged the notion of a rainbow will remain the greatest south african hoax.

Many thanks

Ayesha zelealem

Http://en. Wikipedia.Org/wiki/black_face for more info on black face

Vodacom South Africa Adverts
Vodacom South Africa Adverts

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  • Oc
      Aug 30, 2010

    Racist always tell people to get over the racism they profit from.

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  • Af
      Jan 26, 2011

    Anita, YOU are the idiot and a prime example of everything that's wrong with blacks the world over in the 21st century. "Get over it?" What kind of sub-cellular comment is that? Live one day as a black person in the STILL RACIST hellhole South Africa then tell Ayesha to get over it. ###.

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  • Lo
      Mar 30, 2017

    Please visit for comment on racism

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