Vodacom / smart

Johannesburg, South Africa

I have been a loyal customer with Vodacom for 9 Years, This year I upgraded to a new contract and the consultant that assisted me linked my account to a business account which stole R5000 out of my account using the my Vodacom app. My account usually is around R1100, I recieved a bill totalling just under 6000 which i cant understand as i never use my data unless I'm not at home. I have a Telcom uncapped line at home where i use my internet, so my internet is never activated, why i cant understand why my content services is so high. i have made numerous calls to Vodacom to sort this out. 14 to be exact, I have made payment arrangement to insure my service doesn't get, yet they sill have cut my services. Everytme I phone Vodacom there is and excuse. R5000 was not my fault its been 3 Months and still nothing has happend not even a phone call from them to keep me up to date as to the situation. I have been from pillar to post with this and have now been robbed by Vodacom as i still have no resolve. My last call to Vodacom it said all my that all my cases where closed this is unacceptable, i am willing to pay the deficit. i have paid R4600 into the account to catch up, my phone but i still had it suspended after making 2 payment arrangements to sort this out, i am highly upset with Vodacom i'm seriously thinking about changing networks and recommending it to my friends because if this is the service i'm getting this is definitely some i don't want want anyone to go through. poor, poor, poor service!

May 16, 2017

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