Vodacom / sim-swap

Pretoria, ZA

My phone was stolen on the 27th November 2016. On the 28th November 2016 I went to a local agent at the Kolonade Mall (Pretoria) to do a sim-swap. I have not been able to make a call since then despite the fact that I am on fully-paid contract. On the 2nd of December 2016 I did another sim-swap after having bought another phone (after suspecting the problem might have been with the device from a different brand).

My problem has persisted up to now.

I have been to several agencies and have called the 082114 number without any joy!

I suffered a substantial loss when my Samsung Note 5 was stolen and am now a further victim to the incompetence of the Vodacom personnel and the said "new system". I am a self-employed business person and the inconvenience of being unable to communicate on my duly paid service is needless to mention.

I really cannot understand how so many days and after so many people have been involved you still are unable to solve the problem?

If I could I would have terminated the contract already! I bought R7 worth of power hour in the interim and have lost out on that.

I know that given your history I would not even bother expecting a refund.

I am just awaiting the contract to run its course and I will be an experienced ex-subscriber.

The attitude by Vodacom to its customers is demeaning to say the least.

I have suffered enough and doubt if any PR gymnastics can change my resolve.

Dec 06, 2016

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