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South Africa

I am complaining about Vodacom's service and lack of trained staff and terrible system. Last month I have wasted my time being send from one department to another after I have requested to end my contract immediately that I could port my nr. Instead the deactivated my nr. And I was stuck without a working phone without the ability to port my nr. I was send to various departments that could not understand why my phone was deactivated and then after 2 weeks I got my phone activated only to find out that I can still not port my nr. I then paid my contract fee in advance to see if that could help that I can port my nr. No!!! Did not work. Then after calling retention center AGAIN(probably the 15th time). And having to explain my story again to yet another new person. I was told that I can only be put on prepaid at the end of the month so that my nr can be ported. I gave up and waited to the end of the month. It is now the 3rd and I can still not port my nr. Now today I have to call retention center AGAIN. Explain my story to yet another new person. ### What a wast of time. Surely Vodacom should have as system were you keep track of when customers call in and what there quarries are and and at least put priority on costumer that phone in multi-pal times and make them speak to the same people to avoid them from having to explain there stories over and over and over and over again.

May 2, 2017

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