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Weltevreden Park, South Africa
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I went for my upgrad at the vodashop in clearwater mall. They didn't have the phone I wanted and said that it should be there either on tuesday or saturday (Tomorrow). I phoned on wednesday to find out if it perhaps came on tuesday. No-one was able to assist me so I thought i'll leave it for today to find out if it will be ready tomorrow. I phoned 3 times. Each time they told me hhlompe will returm my call... He did not. So I asked if they can just let me know if the phone was ordered. They told me I will have to speak to hhlompe. I phoned again this afternoon to speak to a manager seeing that hhlompe is not returning my call. They told me that the manager is busy on the line so I asked if I can hold for him. The lady kept me on the line for 50 minutes. I dropped the call and phoned again. The same lady put me on hold for the manager, after 4o minutes, I then phoned from another phone while still holding on the other line. She told me the manager stepped out. I asked her how can he step out while i've been holding on for him for almost 2 hours. She told me that no-one there takes calls. She also told me that they don't do orders and she cannot tell me if they will order the phone for me. I'm shocked! I cannot believe this is the kind of service they give someone. Ive wasted my entire day trying to speak to them.

Jan 13, 2017

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