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Good Morning,

My first problem yesterday was that I phone in because I noticed that for the last 2 months I have not received the notices of you have reached 50 %... of your a call limit message and that is how I controlled my account to reach a certain amount on my bill, and now my bill is high on data usage because normally when i receive that msg I load data So I asked them to add the 100 again and I wanted them to look into who give the authorization to remove the call limit because i certainly did not.The lady said that so fixed my account and some one will contact me regarding the complaint.

After that I was unable to make any calls I did receive calls and i could go onto the internet so my phone was not soft locked.

I phoned again to state that I could not make calls the person that I spoke to stated that he needs to do a sync on my phone I must leave my phone of for 15 min and switch it back on again.I did that now my phone was completely dead no call in or out HUGE PROBLEM because all my business comes through my phone.

I phoned again the lady said it might be the soft lock so i add money to my account to enough to unlock my phone.

Waited an hour or two the switched on my phone still no luck no calls in or out.

Phoned again same story lady promised me this morning my phone will be on first thing this morning my phone is still of and I phoned again spoken to a gentlemen he said the person that did my sync put me on a roaming thing and technical needs to fix it it will take a couple of hours.

The thing is all my business goes through my phone now if new or old clients phone me the phone said not registered network so with other words I am loosing that client because they will think they have the wrong number.

This is really unacceptable I have been with Vodacom for years and don't expect this service.

How is this going to be resolved and how am I going to be refunded for my loses and inconvenience ?

Can you please assist.

Kind Regards
Zane Vermaak

Nov 24, 2016

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