Vodacomscam / account not corrected

After posting a complaint on Hellopeter (please see attached) someone phoned to inform me that I will be credited. Well needless to say I haven't been credited to date.

Then on 21 Dec I phoned Vodacom because I keep receiving sms's regardibg an unpaid amount. The person informed me that my debit order has been cancelled because of the 2 debits I sent back regarding the Elite Mobile thing (see Hellopeter complaint). I asked the person what I must do now. The person said I must pay +-R1125 and 2 days after my payment I must phone again and thry will reinstate the debit order. Which I then did and this person confirmed that everything will now be fine.

Now I still receive sms's and operator calls saying I must pay my account. I tried following the prompts and selrcting my debit order dat which is the 22nd of the month. But the thing says I must select a date before the 17th. So then I phoned again and spoke to a lady which informed me that the R125 odd is still reflecting on my account and that there is one other amount for R1076. I told the lady to put the amount through with my debit order that must go off on the 22nd. I asked if my account will be fine and that my line wont be cut. She couldnt promisr and said that it still might be cut before the 22nd.

This made me furious becausr I have done everything from my side to confirm and pay the arrears amounts. Not once has Vodacom tried to phone me regarding this. Because its much easier to send sms's and never talk to the actual client and just find out what the situation is. Because from my side I have done absolutely everything. If you have incompetent people working at accounts it shouldn't be my problem. I have asked the amount more than I had to pay and the R1125 was all that was given to me.

I want my account credited with all the monies regarding this Elite Mobile thing and my debit order to go off on the given date with the arrears amount.

The best is always that if you owe a client money we must wait forever. But lo an behold we we as clients owe you even one cent. Sick and tires doesnt even begin to describe how I feel about Vodacom.

Fix my account and stip harrassing me about things thats not my fault but YOURS!



Jan 16, 2017

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