Vodacomroaming invoicing + soft blocking account

This complaint about account number I3607446-7 / cellular number [protected]
I was informed 22 december of "unusually high usage" (due to accidental roaming). Amount due by then was 6 162.13 R. I then disconnected the cell from roaming.
I received an invoice 03.01.17 for 7 747.30 on roaming only.
Yesterday evening 7.14 pm I received your sms advising "balance exceeded" and "line soft locked".
I tried to call Consumer service but it was "overloaded" and I could not reach any response. Only advised to call later...
This morning finally I got a vague explanation ... "there is a credit limit on the account" (about 9 500 R !) and was confirmed my claim was registered ref. A7-T6HE-J9E7. I was also told This credit limit did not allow the banks to let the demand deposit to be withdrawn from our FNB Account, even though the provision was widely covered on 3 January.

I consider Vodacom is faulty and not respecting clients on several counts:
- warning of "abnormal usage" at >6000 R but letting consumption go even though there is a "credit limit on this account" without specifying what the limit is.
- advising us the 8 856.18 was due at end January
- in the meantime suppressing the service, for the reason of "insufficient credit" .
I wish to know what was the credit level previously authorized, and why Vodacom let it be so much overwhelmed.
Considering these elements, I wish Vodacom reconsiders the excessive amount of roaming invoiced (7 747.30) - for following reasons:
Vodacom should have warned me instantly when the credit limit was observed. I was only informed of a level of over 6 000 R.
Vodacom should have cut off the roaming to prevent further expenses. Instead of this, Vodacom let the roaming go up to 7 800 R almost.
Vodacom should have let the service active, instead of cutting it off yesterday evening, and should have waited for the end January bank payment as invoiced.
I kindly ask Vodacom to let me have reasons for mentioned abnormal services and their proposal for invoice b698532059 amendment.

Kind regards

Peter D. Bloy

Jan 18, 2017

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