Vodacom / retentions department

I phoned Vodacom retention on Sat 25/11 to find out what the balance of my contract was as I was planning on moving both my contracts to MTN. Webster spoke to my wife and I (speaker phone) and offered a deal which included two hand sets on the primary number and none on the secondary number. The total package would have been R849 per month. I initially declined but on the Monday phoned back to take up the offer. I spoke to a second consultant and assumed that offer from the Sat was captured. I phoned back on Tuesday as the Customer service system went down and the agent could not assist. I phoned back on Tuesday and spoke to a third consultant who said the deal was possible and that I had to pay in R7000. I asked to speak to Webster and when he came on line he said that it was never a combo deal. My wife and I both understood the conversation on the Sat and it was clear what the deal offered. My contract can be cancelled 1 Jan which I intend to do but find it incredible that a listed company can entrust their well being to a few uneducated youths with no experience and no care for the company they work for. ABSURD!!

Nov 29, 2017

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