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Capetown, ZA
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I Updated my Contract with vodacom online and took one of there CPO phone, at the same time i changed my package to a higher priced package to suite my needs .

The Device a i5s CPO unit was delivered at the end of June / Beggining of July this year,

I updated the ISO to 8. something then at the end of August to 9. something,

From then until End of September my Phone started acting up with regards to making or receiving Voice calls, The device would also hang when i tried to use the touch screen to make or cut the call for voice, however, i was able to use it on data calls using the apps installed, this too started to become a problem the week i decided to take the phone in around end of September Repair Number ( [protected] )

Once delivered i got an SMS saying the device had been booked in . ( Capetown - Bayside Mall)

I was asked to fill in a form with regards to pass words and To remove find my iphone in store which i asked for assistance with and once the lady was happy i left the Store

I asked to have my data backed up as i was happy to pay the Fee required for the backup

On the 20/10 i got an SMS saying the phone had been returned as the find my iphone had not been deactivated . I was not sure how to do it online but the person was kind enough to explain how to do it which i duly did and SMSed back, they said it was fine

I received and SMS to say to come collect my unit, 24/10

On going into the store i was advised my phone was not repaired as i did not approve a Quote, I asked why i didn't receive a call or SMS about this, and i advised the stores person it was only 2 months old why would i require to authorize a unit under guarantee

As they couldn't explain this i paid a R57 fee just to get the phone so i could have it delivered to another store where the staff where more helpful

I booked it in on repair [protected] on 27/10 the same day at Tygervalley vodacom as when i took it from the Bayside mall . They apologized and advised it would be corrected .

I received an SMS to collect my unit on the 23/11, which i did on the 26/11
The report said No Fault found, I put my sim card into the phone to check it only to find the same problem and i showed the instore technician, who rebooked the phone in on [protected]

I called the Technical repair center today the 30/11, and they advised the phone was sent back as the find my iphone was activated ??? how if i had to delet it in October was it activated and why was i not called and advised or why am i having such difficulty with the poor customer techical know how, the vodacom shops have special reps for other brands which help their clients .

I am not happy to have been sitting withjout the unit for nearly 8 weeks getting merssed around, Vodacoms Service is poor, the instore service is poor and the technical know how of staff is poor

Nov 30, 2016

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