Vodacompushy vodacom rep called me and upgraded lines but I don't know what, he promised to email me details and I can't get anything out of vodacom

I was cold called from [protected] on the 26th november, the guy spoke very fast and we have terrible signal in the house. He promised to send me an email detailing the upgrades that were due. I was sent nothing. I want to cancel any changes that were made during this phone call. Since then I have phoned your call centre twice, where I was promised the information and nothing was sent. I was also spoke to jennifer phillips and begged for an account manager but she said we can't have one. The cold calling call has caused me endless stress trying to find out what was ‘agreed' to on the phone. Please can someone of stature contact me urgently to sort this out, otherwise I will take this matter further. We have a r5000k a month contract, I should not have to battle like this with vodacom!

Dec 05, 2018

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