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Cape Town, ZA
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Dear Sir

On the 6th of November 2016, I approach your Canal Walk Branch for a premature cancellation for the cellphone number. I received a quotation for premature cancellation and given reference number 1-[protected], the settlement figure I was given was an amount of R1104, 79. The reason why I approached your company for the premature cancellation was because on the 17th November 2016 I left South Africa to live in England and I wanted to pay everything and have no outstanding account when I left the country.

On that same day I paid an amount of R450, 00 towards my outstanding accounts and given a reference number IN0054T008085413.

On the 10th November 2016 I went to your Kenilworth Branch and paid the amount of the premature amount quotation namely the amount of R1104, 79. The reference number for this payment was IN0112T023129645. This settlement amount with the proof of payment was then fax by Zaahir Moosa to your Head Office advising them of the cancellation.

As far as I was concerned this account was cancelled.

However, I subsequently received new invoices on the 30th November 2016 for R257, 93, then on the 31st December 2016 an amount R274, 53, on the 31st January 2017 an amount of R285, 32 and finally on the 28th February 2017 an amount of R276, 35.

Upon receipt of these invoices I have written to your department advising them that this account has been cancelled and I've send them the proof of cancellation but I still have not received an acknowledgement that this account has been cancelled and closed. WHY NOT??

I do acknowledge there is a second cellphone number [protected] for which I must still settle according to my records it would be R568, 47. I need written confirmation that this is the final amount owing and once I paid it that this account is settled and closed as well.

I have attached documents of the above mentioned.


Mar 13, 2017

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